120 mins (special tribute)

We all have to start somewhere. This experience can range from a general overview of different types of play (BDSM 101 & 102) to finally living out one of your fantasies. A relaxing approach that allows for ample time to comfortably get to know each other (and yourself) through open discussion and play. All limits will be observed. Only available to first time clients with no Professional experience.



60 mins or more

The most popular experience involves a variety of BDSM activities, kinks, and fetishes. Don’t be fooled by the name, it is far from typical as I enjoy crafting and creating unique scenes based on your interests and limits.


60 mins or more

Let your slut flag fly and show me how eager you are to please! Whether you’re a “size queen” or need some training, I enjoy molding my sluts to be the best they can be. Armed with an arsenal of toys in a variety of sizes, shapes, and abilities (*wink *wink), let me help you embrace your full slutty self!


60 mins or more

Erotic torment, forced edging, and tease and deny games can be worse than any whip or cane. As the ultimate Seductress, I revel in toying with your body and mind until you are begging in desperation for my mercy, my touch, my permission.


30 mins or more 

As an insatiable Sadist, I yearn for a pain-slut to sacrifice a bit of their flesh to my desires. With a focus on classic whips, canes, leather straps, and wooden paddles, this type of scene is a favorite and you will be rewarded with a special tribute.


60 mins or more

My love languages are as follows:

1. Acts of Service
2. Quality Time
3. Receiving Gifts
4. Words of Affirmation + Physical Touch (tie)

For a true service oriented submissive, our time together will be a fulfilling and rewarding experience. I take my acts of service very seriously and do not entertain selfish submissives who are only playing out a fantasy. To be of service is not based on your ideas but on my needs.



90 mins minimum

I have a deep fondness in guiding couples in their pursuit of erotic adventure. I can assist you and your partner in learning how to successfully dominate or submit to each other as well as be the ultimate Dominatrix and have you both crawling at my feet. Intensity can vary from playful to erotically challenging.


30 mins or more (special tribute)

A self-proclaimed feet narcissist, I adore my feet being worshiped. I invite my true foot fetishist to massage and pamper my feet and legs until I am walking on clouds. Check out my wikifeet.


standalone or can be added to any appointment

“You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together.”
—Anthony Bourdain

Do you want a smart and stylish dinner companion where you can be your truest self as well as discuss all your kinkiest thoughts without shame or judgment? Or maybe you want to pick my brain and are interested in getting to know me a little more. My preferred way of connecting outside of my studio is over a meal. Also, I find that sitting down, having a glass of wine (if you partake), indulging in a delicious meal, and casually talking is one of the best ways to decompress after an invigorating scene. However, our meal can easily start our time together, maybe as part of a fun roleplay or just a way to help calm your nerves. Luckily, there are many options to include a fun meal together either as a stand alone date or added to any session.



12 hrs or more

Have you ever fantasized about what it would feel like to be a live-in submissive? Or maybe you have a capture/prisoner fantasy? This opportunity is for those who are seeking a more immersive experience that can include long term confinement, elaborate roleplays, and/or lifestyle submission. With so much time at my disposal, there are many deliciously devious possibilities during our time together. *I require at least 6 hour of uninterrupted beauty sleep during this experience.


no timeframe

Organizing doubles, triples, and groups of all sizes is one of my specialties. I enjoy curating group scenes that can include other FemDommes as well as my open-minded vanilla girlfriends. If you want to experience a public scene without the risk, this is a great option. My largest group to date is 20 women for one lucky submissive in an amazing humiliation scene of his dreams.


60 mins or more

“Conversation, like certain portions of the anatomy, always runs more smoothly when lubricated.” —Marquis de Sade

Are you a bit nervous? Do you have a few questions you want to ask in person? Do you just want to make sure we are a good match? Scheduling a casual social appointment either for coffee, tea, or a cocktail can be just what you need. I know New York like the back of my hand and can suggest many discrete places for us to have a meet-and-greet.


see times below

No matter where you are in the world, we can always connect. I am open to discussing any topic as well as answering all your questions with the understanding that you will be respectful of my boundaries. I offer many opportunities for us to text, talk, and play.

SextPanther – text, calls, and access to photos and videos
• Regular phone calls – $50/15 mins
• Video calls (zoom/skype) – $150/30 mins or $250/hr


I do not tour much and the only cities I consistently travel to for play are San Francisco and Boston. If you would like to guarantee an opportunity to serve me, you can fly me to you or sponsor a city specific tour. I am more likely to visit a city if my flight, accommodation, and other travel expenses are taken care of. I tend to be generous with my time to those who go above and beyond during my travels.


standalone or can be added to any appointment

For the self-proclaimed sissy that needs some guidance to the heel fetishist who gets a thrill watching me try on shoes, adding a shopping trip to pamper your Goddess while also fulfilling your fantasy is a fun and rewarding experience.


only available to well established clients

One of the things I cherish the most in a submissive is dedication. For those who have shown their consistent commitment, I offer a loyalty program. I believe in building long-lasting BDSM relationships and I like to reward those who understand the value of incorporating consistent service, submission, and play in their lives.

• 4+ hours a month – $400/hr
• 8+ hours a month – $350/hr
*requires a pre-paid monthly commitment

For the truly dedicated, I offer a prepayment discount for 24 hours worth of sessions to be used within one calendar year. Tribute is $10800 (value $12,000).



Whether you are a financial submissive or a lover of FemDomme, there is immense purpose in supporting a person and cause you believe in. Those who have followed my 10+ year career understand that I have made it my mission to help people by creating a safe place for those to explore their submission and kinky sexuality without shame or judgment; from creating my former company La Maison du Rouge which focused on expanding the BDSM experience through our workshops and weekly live shows, to becoming a certified Life Coach to help guide my clients, couples, and submissives through their BDSM journey. As an entrepreneur, the financial support of generous patrons (no matter how small or large) has helped me to continue to create the open-minded kinky world of my dreams.



Over the years I have mentored many Dommes (Professional and Non) that I am lucky to call my FemDomme sisters. Though it is hard work, I enjoy helping the right person blossom into a confident, caring, and powerful Dominant. I offer a three month mentorship program that covers your core foundation from soft and hard BDSM skills to running a sustainable business. There is an opportunity to continue your mentorship program month to month after the initial commitment. I require a paid interview to determine your eligibility as I am selective in who I choose to mentor.