Review by Sub D

As a life long submissive, I've always sought to test myself, to explore deeper, to serve honorably, to give my absolute best. Mistress Lucy somehow, someway already knew this. Mistress Lucy could see into my soul and knew where to take me and how far. How did she know so much about my deepest desires and secrets. SHE KNEW, SHE KNEW!!

The session was more than I could have imagined. You took me to places and placed me in predicaments I have never before experienced. I am always trying to learn grow and test myself - you provided this on numerous levels.
The vision of you standing above me electric control in hand it a vision etched in my soul.

Mistress Lucy is professional, poised, smart as a whip!! You gave me a lesson I carry with me in my every day Life. "Pain is temporary" This lesson can be applied in so many ways. Extraordinary professional beautiful a Mistress who can teach you life's lessons and see into ones soul.

Review by Sub R

This was my first official playtime with Mistress Lucy. We played for two hours with Mistress Lucy thankfully accepting my request for less pain and more total power exchange through inescapable metal restraints, consensual non consent (it was my wish not to top from the bottom) and sadistic predicament situations. She laughed, taunted and mocked at my agony throughout and I was pushed to my limits several times. Lucy is smart, empathetic and fully conversant in this type of scene and I was sent to deep sub-space. Great equipment which she uses with ease. Mistress Lucy, thank you again for your understanding, your compassion and your passion. Wonderful session!

Review by Sub G

About thirty minutes before I was scheduled to arrive at Mistress Lucy’s Studio on Saturday, Mistress texted that I should pick up hot green tea. It hit me right then, and with only one prior session, that this is my calling to serve Mistress Lucy in any way that pleases Her.

Now after two remarkable and unparalleled sessions, I am completely entranced, enthralled and happily addicted to Mistress Lucy. My feelings of devotion after this short time is very evident. Lucy Sweetkill is actually the perfect name for Mistress. Clearly there is a sweet, soft spoken way about Her. Never raises her voice. Mistress really does not have to. I became so taken by Her right from the beginning and my feelings of submission, surrender and devotion have grown dramatically after our second session recently.

Mistress Lucy is absolutely gorgeous and remarkably skilled! The pain aspect of the BDSM scene is really not my thing. However, with that being said, I find myself wanting to expand my limits and experience more in that arena. Mistress knows just how far to take you. The bonding and connection that I’ve experienced now in just a short time is truly amazing. Mistress Lucy appears to be life altering for me.

Review by Sub P

I found our session absolutely amazing. I wish we could have repeated it a few times. I've played this storyline 5 times now with various Mistresses but this was the best of them. I felt Mistress Lucy judged perfectly the right level to prompt and tease information from me, so that it felt natural (ie. that I had some agency as to *when* the information was provided, but none as to *whether* it was provided - perfect for the feeling in that strange overlap between 'forced' and 'volunteered' that can be so thrilling).

I don't know how many other slaves use real-life fantasies about real-life people, but the images of my colleagues AR and JL out of the usual context of my secret fantasies, transported to the realm of a play-space, and exposed to new eyes, is really powerful. Do others play on it, or anything similar, I wonder?

I felt Mistress Lucy got the medical play exactly right for the scene - I was in exactly the right place, feeling compliant and comfortable and getting a buzz from confessing. Calling the "medicine" truth serums worked very well indeed.

In other versions of this scene, I have always anticipated and loved the fake conference call with the boss and the two girls, where they are told about my crimes and punishment and give their consent to it - up until now I considered it the highlight, but Mistress Lucy took the scene elsewhere and didn't do it, and to be honest things were so good, I didn't miss it. I’d love to do it again when next in NYC. I'm hoping in a year's time Mistress Lucy will have forgotten about the stolen shoes and I can confess it all again!

Review by Sub B

I just had my first session with Mistress Lucy. It was absolutely great!! I have had the opportunity to session with many excellent mistresses on my travels and was fortunate to have the opportunity to session with Mistress Lucy. I arrived at the appointed hour. She welcomed me in already dressed in black PVC and boots as I had requested in my emails. She looked very beautiful and very dominant. From the moment I entered her space, she was completely in charge, very specific in what I should do and what was expected of me. Right away I felt myself go into my sub space and I knew this was going to be a memorable session. Our session focused on CBT. It was apparent she had reviewed my interests I had emailed her prior to our session, and used this to push me, delivering a significant level of CBT, but did not exceed my limits. Her skills in CBT and as a dominate are amazing. She was the perfect strict and sadistic mistress I was looking for. After the session we chatted a bit which I appreciated, it gave me the chance to decompress before re-entering the world. Looking forward to my next opportunity to session with Mistress Lucy.