If you’re seeking a rare embodiment of smarts, sass and pure cruelty, I highly recommend Mistress Lucy Sweetkill. As it happens, she’s also jaw-droppingly gorgeous. I’m active in sessioning, and would consider Mistress Lucy to be at the top in her field. In my initial meeting with Mistress Lucy, she didn’t miss a beat in sizing me up and knowing exactly what buttons to push to maximize my humiliation. It flowed naturally for her. She had done her homework about me pre-session, aware from my references that I sometimes talk back to a mistress in session. And wowzer, did she have some twisted ideas to make me pay for that bad habit.

As a foot fetishist, I can attest that her feet are probably the most aesthetically attractive and soft I’ve encountered. She is equal parts natural beauty and heady humiliatrix. She’s bold and unapologetic. And she’ll vividly flaunt her superiority over you.

To like-minded submissives I say: you should experience a slice of BDSM heaven and apply for a session.