Many, many thanks, Mistress Lucy, for an unforgettable session – i must have replayed every moment hundreds of times by now. And i mean it, every single moment was thrilling, meaningful, joyful, profound.

i knew by O/our email correspondence (i.e., Your thoughtful, clear instructions for me) that i was in for an exceptional experience. But the experience was far better than i could have imagined.

That certainly has to do with seeing You in person: You are stunningly beautiful. But that is in no way all. You have such a creative mind, and Your intuition is spot on. You knew exactly how to look at (through) me. You spoke in ways that made me yearn for and be in awe of Your every word. You effortlessly pushed my boundaries – and safely put me in a space wherein i would have done anything for You. i felt – and continue to feel – such a deep desire to serve and please You.

i long for the opportunity to be at Your feet again – hopefully to please You by my heart-felt service. Thank You so very much, Mistress!