Erotica: "Dr. Berlin" by sub d

This is a story about cuckold clean up and erotic humiliation. If that doesn't float your boat please don't read further.

Kelly was nervous about registering for the appointment. She had never seen a therapist before and felt a bit ashamed at the thought of seeing one now. She reminded herself that this was a healthy thing to do and she needed to figure out what was going on with her boyfriend Brad. She really wished she didn't have to go to the University's student clinic but she worried that her parents might get a bill or a statement if she used her health insurance given she was on her father's plan.

Kelly kept looking up at the clock. She had arrived 15 minutes early as requested. Registering had only taken a minute so now she fidgeted in the uncomfortable waiting room chair praying no-one she knew would see her. Fortunately, she didn't have to wait long. After a few minutes she heard her name and was taken to a nice office. Dr. Berlin greeted her warmly. Kelly was happy to see that Dr. Berlin appeared to be young. She had a nose piercing and a youthful manner. She guessed early 30's. Kelly was uncomfortable talking about sex and felt relieved that she didn't have to try to relay her issues to someone older than her mother. Dr Berlin was quite attractive but in an unconventional way. She was tall and slim. She wore a tight black turtleneck with a pencil skirt and 4 inch heels that accentuated her height. The outfit somehow seemed both modest and provocative.

They spent the first session becoming acquainted. Kelly told her that she was a freshman majoring in Poli Sci. She imagined going to law school but wasn't certain. The year had been great. She rushed and got into her favorite sorority where she had made a number of close friends. She also ran the 400 for the track team. She enjoyed her classes and was doing well academically. She met Brad early freshman year at a party. They hit it off immediately.

"He's so dreamy."

Kelly blushed, worried that she sounded like a starstruck fangirl but Dr. Berlin smiled and betrayed no judgment.

"I mean I still get goosebumps every time I see him... He's SO handsome, he treats me super well, he's a great athlete, does well in school, and even has a healthy relationship with his mom. I've never really been serious with anyone before and now I feel like I hit the jackpot! All my friends are so jealous. They'd freak if they knew I was here."

"So, why are you here?"

Kelly hesitated and then whispered, "sex."


"Sex." This time Kelly said it loud enough to be heard and Kelly noticed the subtle flair of Dr. Berlin's nostrils as she leaned forward.

"Great, I can assure you I can help you and we'll get you talking about sex more freely soon. We're almost out of time though. Let's pick up next week."

To finish the story:

Research and reflections by sub m

I have said this a million times, if you are new to BDSM and want to find a provider, do your research.  The more you learn about the provider you want to submit to, the better.  Doing your research is not just about making sure who you see is real and won't unintentionally harm you but it's a way to build connection and get to know your possible Domina.


“I remember sharing that how I see myself as a submissive has evolved over the years of play and experiences within this community. As a "baby" submissive I was thrilled to share detailed summaries and "reviews" of my sessions, especially after playing with someone new. It felt important to provide commentary so others could share in my experiences and perhaps my words could help them decide to plan a visit for themselves.

I thought that the most important piece was to share the activities, pleasure & emotions I experienced during the session so that others could see themselves where I was and long to be there too. When writing my reflection for our session I began by doing the same thing, I walked through our interaction re-living each moment in my mind and realized that my previous outline for reflections needed to be changed.

My experience with you was much more impactful and generated different emotions and feelings than I had before. Normally I have built mental connections between myself and a Dominant as we play over time. With you I felt as if there was already a connection because I spent a fair amount of time listening to you being interviewed on podcasts as well as the interviews you ran in on La Maison Da Rouge YouTube channel. Being exposed to you through this medium gave me a lot of insight as to who you are as a person and what submitting to you would be like. When we finally met and played for the first time, I was already comfortable with you and knew our chemistry and connection would be easy to form.

So this reflection brought me to another place, it brought me to a conclusion that the most important part of our session was not when we met in the dungeon setting, it was well before that while I was doing my "research" on you and trying to determine if I wanted to session. But it was not the typical session reviews that fill MaxFisch's bulletin board, it was your choice to share with us your views on kink and this community. It was the truthfulness of your interactions and conversations with other Female Dominants. It was the intimacy and commitment you showed towards your slave during the "Vice" interview. It was all of these things that were the best part of the session because they taught me who you were and allowed me the ability to let all of my defenses down and be where I needed to be when we met.”


Honestly, this website is super thorough so I don’t have to write much.  This is a favorite activity of mine but I understand its not for everyone.  No one kink is for everyone.

Have fun reading:

LOVE this image!

"She knows how to take full control and still give you what you need" - Reflection from sub s

Most submissives who come across My site and see My pictures assume I must be mean and "too hardcore" -and I get I come across a certain way in photos - however I have a very sensual side as well.  Yes, I enjoy the hardcore stuff but I am a multifaceted Domina and take lots of pleasure in usiing my softer side against you!


“I’ve had the pleasure of playing with Mistress Lucy many times. She was the first professional mistress I ever played with. For a long time, I thought playing with a professional wasn’t for me or what I was about, so when I finally decided to try it, I put a lot of thought into who I’d see. I chose Mistress Lucy, and my life has been better for it. She gave me an amazing experience in that first session and made me realize that playing with pro dommes is fantastic and fun and intimate and special.  I’d say that I’m now a fairly experienced player - I’ve sessioned with a number of dommes based across the country and internationally. So, I know what I’m talking about when I say Mistress Lucy is world class at what she does. I never miss a chance to play with her when she’s traveling through my city, or when I visit New York.

Mistress Lucy is extremely skilled and proficient at what she does. It makes such a difference to play with someone who really knows what she’s doing. And I feel like she’s very good at setting the right tone. I like my play more on the sensual side and she’s great at setting that tone and playing on the sensual side while still being in complete control. But I have no doubt that she has a stricter side and could set a number of different tones for a session.

Every session with Mistress Lucy just seems to be extra special. There are always a number of moments - not just one, but many - that stick in your head afterwards and stay with you for a long time, where she used your particular fetish against you in the best of ways so that it hits your soul in just the right way. I still remember moments from sessions with her from years ago. She knows how to take full control and still give you what you need.

If that weren’t enough, she’s stunning. She’s got a fantastic body and a sexy wardrobe - she knows how to dress. She knows how to use her perfect body against you. Her face is gorgeous, and her hair is amazing, so long and soft. One of those moments that stick with my is feeling her long hair, soft as silk, brush across my chest as I was tied down. I could go on and on raving about her looks, but as gorgeous as she is, her looks are the cherry on top of her devious and sexy mind and her incredible skill and talent.

I often think about how lucky I was to have that first session with Mistress Lucy. She opened a new world of sexual adventure for me, and it was the first of many amazing hours that I’ve spent under Mistress Lucy’s control and under her spell. If you’ve read this far, I encourage you to contact her, be honest and open with her about what you long for, and put your trust in her to guide you where you need to go. You won’t regret it.”

"I am a better man today because of this experience." Reflection by sub s

"After far too long of a hiatus, I had the honor of serving Mistress Lucy Sweetkill and Mistress Amalia Valentine in what was a life affirming and life altering experience. My interest in kink and submission has existed for as long as I could remember and began at a time when I was far too young to understand it. I thought about exploring in my twenties but for a few reasons, it was not the right time. However, during the pandemic I began to reflect on who I am and what I want from this life and was fortuitous enough to stumble upon La Maison du Rouge and the amazing and brilliant women behind it. One of which was the incomparable Mistress Lucy Sweetkill. Through her I discovered Mistress Amalia Valentine and while I have had the pleasure of serving them individually, this would be the first time I got to session with both at the same time.

That day I arrived at Mistress Lucy’s studio which is beautiful, decorated exquisitely and adorned with so many wonderful toys of torture and pleasure. Even more beautiful we’re the two Mistresses standing before me with, both with a countenance reflecting welcoming and sinister mischief at the same time. While they are obviously capable of sadism a debauchery, Mistress Lucy and Mistress Valentine are also intelligent, curious and make you feel that no matter what goes on for the next few hours, you will be taken care of. Then I was dressed as a slutty baby and really began to wonder about what would take place over the next few hours 😊.

When I began my journey, I think I would have self-identified as a fetishist and a submissive but not too much into pain exploration and bondage. But that has changed. This is very much a healing journey for me and those are two things I needed to dive deeper into if I was sincere about the therapeutic effects, I hoped to achieve. I will not go into full details but will say I was restrained more than I ever have been, and instead of fear, I felt at ease, akin to being swaddled I believe I uttered during the session. I was able to truly let go and relax and give up control. No matter what was coming next, I was equally nervous and excited and delighted by the fact that I was subject to whatever whim they may have at the moment. There were new sensations experienced, thresholds pushed and epiphanies had. While I don’t consider myself a masochist, there was pain to the point I was shaking from adrenaline and very emotional when it was done. And I might miss that feeling the most. To be subjected to pain yet cared for by those administering it is something that might seem confusing to others, but for some of us it is such a pure and beautiful experience. It taught me so much about who I am and what I need. They were both gracious enough to honor me by indulging in some of the activities I had requested. There were many laughs, several yelps of pain and pleasure and great conversation with two amazing Mistresses.  I am a better man today because of this experience. I hope to have the honor of serving them again."