I decided on an extra session with Mistress Lucy and Mistress Dia after I had my first one. This session was to include ballbusting. I already had a few taster kicks from Mistress Lucy at the end of my first session.

Mistress Dia held on to me while Mistress Lucy kicked my balls, after a few kicks Mistress Dia urged Mistress Lucy to kick extra hard to get me on the floor. I do love it when one Mistress encourages another to be more brutal. Once on the floor Mistress Dia used the heel of her shoe to press down on my balls. I was then restrained on the floor with a spreader bar as wide as it could go.

My inner thighs were caned and cropped like crazy, all the other mistresses were admiring their handy work. Mistresses Lucy and Dia were kind to make sure it was even on both sides.

I was able to entertain Mistress Dia with an impression of a character from Little Britain which was nice.

I had heard of Mistress Lucy doing corporal for a whole song, well I was going to get my balls kicked for a whole song at a rate of 1 per second, based on the length of a song as Americans say “you do the math”, these were not super hard kicks but a constant ache, luckily I has Mistress Dia’s feet to worship which helped with the pain.

Whole lot of fun, it was great to see them again and this time it was for 2 hours.