Podcast Interview on "Was that Good for You?"

Check out my most recent interview I did with Raya Carmona for her podcast "Was that Good for You?"



I completely blank after any interview so I can never really recollect what I said hahaha.  This seems to happen when I am on stage or in front of a camera as well.  I wonder if this happens to many others too?  I do remember having this interview after a fun night out with a sub - I do love to be wine and dined.


New Domina-in-Training

I have a new Domina-in-training until Jan 2023.  Her name is Kei (pronounced Kay) Izumi but you may call her Mistress Izumi.  As she is at the start of her journey, I will not reveal too much about her as I am looking forward to seeing her blossom as a Dominant. Check out her Twitter >>>  twitter.com/serveizumi

As part of her training curriculum, I am offering limited discounted training opportunities for subs who would like to be part of her learning and growth.  

  • $250/hr (Double with myself) - 2 hour minimum
  • Offer is only valid for 2 sessions maximum
  • Toilet play is an additional $150

If you are not familiar with how a training session is conducted, it is run at a slower pace for educational purposes but rest assured you will still have an amazing time!  Also, you are participating in an important part of a new Dominas journey :-)

To be considered as a training submissive, you will need to first fill out my submission form on my contact page.  Please note at the bottom that you are interested in being a training submissive.

If we have not played in the past 2 years, I will require a paid consultation call ($100/zoom).  During our call, I will explain the training requirements as well as confirm we will be a good match and of course answer any of your questions.

After all these years

I received an email the other week - unsolicited- asking if they could provide a reflection of our time together back in December of 2017 as they still think of it often.  Even though they are unable to travel or play, I love that the memory of our time together stays with them.  Our memories can be powerful and a wonderful place to escape in.
From sub r:

"I met Mistress Lucy at her studio in New York, a few years ago, and it is still a pleasant vivid memory. She was very nice to communicate with, and greeted me warmly, chatted about my interests, but then things changed once she came out of her room, ready for action. I was ready, but in hindsight I also had no idea what I was in for.

I'd chosen Mistress Lucy because I was drawn to her website, her stern and yet inviting countenance, and of course her overall presence. I also have to admit, having had a Vietnamese girlfriend who I occasionally mistreated, I felt the need to be punished. I also had a habit of objectifying women, and Mistress Lucy brought that out of me and made me confess. With some of these experiences in mind, Mistress was ready to dole out the punishment I deserved. She gave me a mask which was a little disappointing, but honestly, I didn't deserve to see her face. I remember the experience so vividly. She bound me to her table, spread eagle, naked and vulnerable, and whispered to me, almost sensual but firm. "This is my favorite part of these meetings," she said. "You don't know me, I can do anything and you're powerless." It was true. It was our first time meeting, and I had to trust her; or rather, I had no choice. She moved behind me, and I did my best to feel and sense what was going on.

As a novice, she was initially gentle, but began to really hit me hard. I had a safe word - which was gracious of her - but she also said if I used it, I'd be punished harder. How bitterly ironic - I had a safe word, and was afraid to use it. I'm proud to say I didn't, as the whipping got harder and my butt cheeks grew redder and more raw. She got me to confess some more of my secrets, including my closeted bisexuality and a porn addiction. She laughed at all the time I wasted, but then whipped me for pleasuring myself and not paying for the work. I learned a lesson here, and since then, I've spent enough to compensate some of my favorite models.

I have to admit, I wanted the session to end, I was in so much pain, but I didn't want it to end. I was humiliated when I couldn't pleasure myself successfully - she rightfully guessed I couldn't control myself and had climaxed earlier in the day with her website. She laughed at my impotence, and I deserved it. Finally, after a little more punishment for my failures, I felt the most gentle soothing sensations on my whipped and raw bottom. Her aftercare and healing lotion were amazing, and even more amazing was when she invited me to look in the mirror. I was proud at the punishment I'd taken - to which she ramped me up successfully - and I'd never seen anything quite like it. I remembered her all weekend, because it wasn't easy to sit down.

Thank you Mistress for a wonderful memory, even all these years later. I hope you're doing splendid."

A sweet note from a newbie sub s

My heart is warm when a novice makes the leap to schedule their first or one of their first sessions with me.  I recognize it must be a scary thing to do - exciting as well but still scary.  Understanding that challenge, I make an effort to make our first meeting very comfortable as I want you to have an AMAZING first experience.  I want you to see how wonderful these experiences can be and I want you to expand as a person.  I want you to want to submit again because it can get even BETTER!  I have heard too many first time horror stories that closes someone up from playing for a long time.  I never want that to happen for my newbies - I want to make sure your submission and kinks grow.

A few words from sub s:

"Dear Mistress Lucy,


Words cannot begin to describe the experience that I had on Tuesday night. From the moment I stepped into your space I loved the design and atmosphere it created. You were so warm and inviting and I really felt at ease so quickly. I enjoyed our chat in the beginning which I found to be very insightful. I really feel like you knew how to curate an experience such as the one that I had, everything was so well thought out from the robe in the bathroom to having something sweet to eat at the end, it really made everything so much more seamless. I'm not sure at which point I fully begin to give in to the spell you were casting but it must have been some time during the initial conversation, sitting on the cushion atop the ground while you sat on the seat created an automatic but natural hierarchy in my brain as if I knew I had to submit and was going to no matter what.


The session itself was beyond comprehension in a good way, I was so delighted by your touch that I ended up having a little accident in the beginning ( which was quite shameful of me) however we moved past that so quickly as you refused to let that be the end.  I was happy you pushed my boundaries with the introduction of electro play and I've never been edged in such a way toeing the line between pleasure and discomfort. Although I was deprived of sight I felt your presence so immensely and truly was under your complete control. The emotions I felt after the session really felt like an adrenaline high that faded over the next couple days but fortunately there weren't too many sad emotions that I was feeling. It is clear that you are a master at your craft and you have started me along this journey of exploration in the best way possible. I hope to visit you again sometime soon for another session!"

***Note to readers: I like to write in a free flow manner without editing much***

Men who love to wear panties

I am a BIG fan of having as many men wear lace-y, frilly, and pretty panties.  Not only do I find it immensely amusing having a submissive wear a pair I would never be caught dead in but bending gender stereotypes is a big plus.  I wonder if my love of playing dress up as a kid (mostly dressing my step brother in as many girlie clothes as I could) has anything to do with why I love it so much.  Most likely :-)

For those who have never tried it, go order yourself a pair and wear them around one day.  It is a great way to have a little kinky fun throughout the day - wondering if anyone will accidentally see it or having to go to the stall instead of a urinal.  Wearing "feminine" panties is still very taboo which makes it even more exciting to do.

A funny story a sub told me once was when they went to the gym.  At this point, they were so use to wearing their bright pink panties of various kinds that they completely forgot about it.  The locker room was packed with those "Bro" types and he dropped his pants to get changed and didn't realize some of the men started to look over.  There was no turning back now so he had to keep changing into his gym clothing.  As he walked out, someone said "Cute panties."  He emailed me right away as he never felt more submissive, humiliated, and excited (I think a cuckold/forced bi fantasy started to play out in his head as well.  That story still amuses me till this day.

Here is a little helping guide for those who want to try to wear some panties:


***Note to readers: I like to write in a free flow manner without editing much***