Nectar so sweet and buttery

I am so grateful to have such a wonderful client base in my hometown of San Francisco.  Pre-pandemic I was there at least every 2-3 months and sometimes once a month to see friends, family, and playthings.  I love the food scene and the kink scene which made going back often a no brainer.  I was happy to be back after such a long time away.

Unfortunately, during a very short visit at the end of 2021 for Christmas, sub d got covid just before our time together.  I was selective in who I saw and was asking them to get tested as Omicron was in full swing.  Luckily, I made it back to SF in early March (fully recovered from my own covid sickness in mid January) and we got a chance to see each other.  He hadn't played since before the pandemic and admitted he had been dreaming about delicious golden nectar often.  I told him he would have to work for it as well as get broken back in (lol)...luckily I had my trusty electro box that did just the trick.

I didn't ask him exactly what it tasted like but I have been told it taste like buttered popcorn or bacon!  HAHA.

Reflections from sub d with consent:

I saw Mistress Lucy during her last visit to SF. I had not seen her since before the pandemic, and I couldn't wait any longer. I was day dreaming about seeing her again for months. Finally the day arrived, She opens the door, she looks fabulous, piercing eyes, red lips, a smile that tells you she is in control.You know from that point on that you will just do whatever she wants. For the next 3 hours it was a world tour of sensations, always carefully combining pain and pleasure, playing one vs the other. She looks into your eyes as she tortures you, and you love it. She doesn't need to scream. She whispers, with perfect elegance and power. What else can you wish for ? Seeing her again as soon as possible. I was honored at the end when she allowed me to drink her nectar. I wish I could do it all the time. NY people, you are the luckiest to be local. Go serve your Mistress as often as you can ! You won't regret it and you will ask for more.


***Note to readers: I like to write in a free flow manner without editing much***

She said she wanted to be "overwhelmed"

When someone fills out my submission form and their interests reads like this (some items taken out for privacy) - I know I am going to enjoy myself.  How could I not be enticed by such a list...for a kinky power loving sadistic Domme like me, this list is like all my favorite dishes at my dream Thanksgiving meal.  I get excited.  I salivate a little. And I wonder how am I going to make room for all the things I want to eat...or in this case do.  
being corrected/admonished
domestic discipline
bondage (cuffs, rope, mummification)
pointed questions
being challenged/caught off guard
behavior modifications
impact play (hands, otk, paddles, whips, flogging, crops, canes, galore!)
discipline training/obedience
pain & enduring

We hadn't played before but sub k (temporarily her name 😉) had respectfully made her introduction.  In my experience, I have notice over the years that women (or those who identify as women) tend to go about their interactions with me much more respectfully and generously.  They take the time to read my website in full and always bring a gift as a "Thank you."  I appreciate that they value this experience we Dommes offer and the uniqueness as well as rarity of it.  You men should really do better (maybe I'll write about that).

Our time together was special to me.  Our similar backgrounds made the experience quite healing for some reason (I am still processing). 

During the start, she said she enjoyed being "overwhelmed" and I don't think she realized what the word meant to me.  I think she does now.

Reflections from sub k (with consent):

I love gift giving. Quite frankly, it makes my nipples hard to give someone a perfectly curated gift that attests to the quality of emotion I am intending to offer rather than prioritizing the quantity of money I spent. I walked into our first session proud of my intentional attention to small detail and was notably disarmed when her greeting made my shoulders relax. 26k followers on Twitter and she is so friendly?! Like what?! Haha, silly.
I am awkward with praise. When Mistress Lucy not only looked but saw what I added....christ! I don't know how to say this to give it enough justice but the tone of her voice exposed me in a very beautiful way. Clearly, Mistress had a list of my kinks & limits but what I didn't write was that I care less about the events that occur and more about the flow of power exchange in itself. She captured that in two words & if she blinked an eye during it - you could have fooled me! I'll end this reflection with the return of those two words, thank you.
Note to readers: I like to write in a free flow manner without editing much

I love Role Plays - Dr. Lucy Sweetkill

Over the decade that I have known "sub lsd" we have had many creative, devious, hilarious, and sinful role plays.  As I reflected on our most recent time together (see his below) I thought about why I love role plays.  I have never been one to enjoy scripts but if you give me a general scenario, I love putting my twist on it and coming up with a storyline that really makes the scene come to life.  I think my love for role plays came about as a kid, I had a very challenging childhood so I tended to escape the real world by mentally living in my fantasy world.  I would come up with games to play with my cousins or school friends based on these stories I would make up - from X-men type mutants to bank robbers to adventure seekers.  For me, role plays are a great way for adults to enjoy BDSM in a light hearted way (unless its an interrogation RP) as well as get outside of themselves to let go.

Reflections from "sub lsd" with consent:

Nearly twelve years ago, I knelt before Mistress Lucy for the first time, eagerly anticipating a role play scenario where I would take a wrong turn into the women's gym locker room.  And recently, I found myself seated before this extraordinarily skilled Goddess in the guise of Dr. Lucy Sweetkill, controversial psychotherapist.  When I read that she was planning a visit to a nearby city, I was quick to schedule some time.  In preparation, I provided her with some brief thoughts on a therapy scene from a remake of the classic movie "Nightmare Alley".  I was drawn to the inherent power exchange between the male patient and female doctor and thought this would be a great role play.

Mistress Lucy set the stage perfectly, appearing in a concealing lab coat, guiding me to the client's seat, and tossing one gorgeous stocking-sleek leg over the other in a provocative invitation.  Her evenly phrased, probing questions began, coaxing me on.  In no time, she had drilled down to find my dirty little secrets.  One of her most serious cases, I soon found myself restrained to her table for her treatment regimen!

I am in a long-term relationship where I am dominant, and I treasure the opportunities I have to sink into my submissive fantasies. Mistress Lucy has always been flame to my fluttering moth, ordeal priestess to my searching soul.   Along with her advanced command of the classic BDSM techniques and tools, Mistress Lucy possesses a wonderfully perverse imagination, quick wit, and rare passion for her craft.  She  elevates BDSM to an art form!  Her understanding of submissive desires combined with her respect for consent make it easy to relax, surrendering to her guiding will.  She is one of the most kink-positive persons I have met in my BDSM journey. When I have requested a role play, fetish-centered session, or corporal impact scene, Mistress Lucy always seems to know when and how much to push me into a most delicious sub space.  And it often, as it did this time, feels like the first time!  I can surely say that her methods cured me, but I certainly can't wait for the relapse!


***Note to readers: I like to write in a free flow manner without editing much***

Lucy's pathetic little b*tch

I've known sub j for 10 years but because of this pandemic we had not played in sometime.  One of the qualities I adore most about him is that he loves to make me laugh.  Using his creative kinky ideas, I was delightfully surprised to find these lovely temporary tattoos all over his body.  Some great dedication to entertaining his Daddy.






Reflections from sub j with consent:

Ten years.  A decade.  I’ve eagerly attended to Mistress Lucy’s whims for slightly longer than that.  Ten good years.

I prepared myself as well as possible for our session—special outfit (worn through the streets of New York under a long coat); temporary tattoos, one of which was of her gracious face, placed hither and yon on my body; special underthings; an orb of surgical steel secreted in a place favored by drug mules; and a gold “Bitch” necklace.  All carefully curated with one aim: to please Mistress Lucy.

Mentally, I rigorously chastised myself.  In my EBL (Everyday Boring Life) I can be unemotive or stoic.  Not during our session.  No.  The importance of communicating to Mistress Lucy my abject and total adulation of her Goddess presence reigned paramount.  Not relaying it in words, but body language and gestures.

Kneeling at her feet, her knee-high boots glistening, I kissed and licked, slathering devotion, gazing up along the dizzying op-art of her sensuous curves encased in fishnets.  I banished my EBL taciturnity, and adored Mistress Lucy openly, without reserve.  This is something she never has to ask for, but which I am compelled to offer—adoration as a tribute, or a tithe.  In causing me to banish my taciturn persona, Mistress Lucy sets me free.

The Lady smiled down on me, and my heart swelled.  Here is the key ingredient to our magnificent feast of the senses: cherishment.  I can only surrender my body to the sadistic whims and amusement of one I cherish, and who makes me feel cherished in return.

Mistress Lucy satisfies on all counts.  The four hours flew by, and she abused me coquettishly, yet fiercely, to the cusp of my fantasy horizons and beyond.  So much so that I still break into a smile when an intense flashback seizes me, much like the aftershock of an old acid trip.  My smile prompts my EBL companions to ask, “What are you thinking about?”  To which I must reply: nothing.  Not only do I cherish Mistress Lucy’s divine form and presence, but I cherish the memory of basking in her aura of confidence and guile.  

Some things are too precious to share, especially with the vanilla EBL crowd.


***Note to readers: I like to write in a free flow manner without editing much***

If you're gonna go, this is the way to go

Back in my house days, my much younger years (haha) I use to spin and kick box.  I have always been a petite person but as someone who enjoyed high intensity activities, I was quite strong especially my legs.  Due to this, I saw a lot of the fantasy wrestling type subs back at the house.  I enjoyed squeezing the life out of someone with my scissor holds.  "If you're gonna go, this is the way to go!" exclaimed many of my subs as they looked up at me from the grip of my thighs.

Nowadays, I don’t really do such scenes due to a very scary incident that happen back at the house.  A client I had played with a few times took a fantasy wrestling scene too far (it was out of line and out of the context of our usual scenes) and almost chocked me out.  I steered away from these type of scenes afterwards.

Recently, a request came in not specifically for fantasy wrestling (but along those lines) as well as for a training with Amalia Valentine.  I felt good about the request and the sub (after our consultation) plus I wanted to show her some "moves".  I decided to move forward.

It was a BLAST!  When every person involved is respectful and communicative, a good time can be had.  It helped me feel more confident playing with an activity I use to really enjoy.

His words with his consent:

Thank you for taking the time to compose and send me this thoughtful email. It speaks to both your dedication to your craft and your genuine care for your clients.  I have to say that this is one of the first times a Mistress/Domme/Session woman has conveyed that to me in this manner. I truly appreciate it.
Sessioning with you and Mistress Amalia Valentine was a pleasure and a privilege. Being able to be the canvas in which you demonstrated your techniques for a Mistress in her nascent days in the scene was eye opening as well as incredibly arousing.  You both brought something special to the experience for me in your respective roles.  You and Mistress Amalia operated with alacrity, grace and poise (while simultaneously squeezing the life out of me).
I was humbled by your knowledge base and experience; and I was inspired by Mistress Amalia’s thirst for direction from a seasoned professional such as yourself.  I am so happy to have come across your path after years in the scene, and look forward to playing again as well.  Mistress Amalia has an excellent teacher in you, and I believe has boundless potential in her own journey as a Domme. 
***Note to readers: I like to write in a free flow manner without editing much***