A pain slut

He originally filled out my form and wrote:

History: This would be my first time seeing a professional Domina. I have experienced mild rope bondage in my personal life and have also undergone fairly intense flogging and having hot wax poured on me at a public event, both of which I enjoyed very much. More generally I am a masochist and seek out opportunities to experience pain in a safe environment and to have my boundaries/limits tested.

Music to my ears but also he made the effort to fill everything out clearly and openly.  I appreciate those who make an effort.

Our time together was fulfilling - not only for him but for me.  After a rough 2021 and a much needed break, being able to come back and feel the energy of submission and Domination felt like a cold glass of water after a long journey through a hot desert.  Thank you my new pain slut.

His words with consent:

I had intended to write to you earlier to thank you but it certainly did take some time to process the experience. I’m still kind of shocked that I managed finally to have this experience after so long thinking about it. It was my hope that acting out this ritual would serve as a sort of focal point or counterbalance that refines my discipline and focus among the rigors of other aspects of life. So far it seems to be performing that function very well.

There was in particular a moment when, as I suffered under the sting of some instrument I could not see, I suddenly became aware that I was hearing music, and found an equilibrium in accepting the pain, followed by gratitude toward you for showing me what I could bear. Exit Music will now have a new and indelible significance for me.

Please send my regards and thanks to Mistress Valentine as well. The moment when I first knelt before you both was pretty overwhelming.

I have drafted a short testimonial below this email regarding our session. Please feel free to use any or all of it.

I cannot recommend Mistress Lucy enough, especially as someone who was totally new to seeing a professional Domina. She is remarkably insightful and within the first minute of our initial conversation seemed to intuit the essence of what drew me to BDSM. In person she combines a striking beauty with a demeanor that is somehow both kind and cunningly sadistic. Our session was everything that I hoped it would be and also contained many welcome surprises that I could not have anticipated. It was an experience I am eager to repeat.


***Note to readers: I like to write in a free flow manner without editing much***

Review by Sub L

I have been sessioning with Mistress Lucy on and off for almost ten years. I had been sessioning with many different Dommes and was still figuring out what I enjoyed in a session. I went in to my first ever experience not knowing what to ask for. All I had were photos, videos, and stories that I saw online for many years. Mentally, I thought I wanted everything that I had seen or read but when it came down to it, I actually did not enjoy a lot of things I thought I would. I thought a session meant feeling a ton of pain, which I do not enjoy at all.

Before ever meeting Mistress Lucy, I had some great sessions and some very bad ones as well and thought maybe this wasn't actually for me....that maybe I would always have these unfulfilled submissive desires. It wasn't until I sessioned with Mistress Lucy that this fulfillment could be found. I learned that a great session does not only have to involve whips, paddles, and pain.

I could go into specifics about what our session entailed but everyones fantasy will be different. The hardest part is truly finding what actually brings you joy in this lifestyle. It is a journey that requires a second person to help you get to the destination. How did Mistress Lucy do this? She ASKED QUESTIONS! She forced me to verbalize what my desires actually were and then hammered down into the specifics of them - all without me even realizing she was trying to create the perfect session for me. Everyone in the kink community knows how therapeutic it is to verbalize our thoughts and desires because we generally tend to suppress them and doing so was extremely liberating. Due to this communication our sessions evolved into something greater than I could ever imagine a session to have been. I have found exactly what I want out of a session due to Mistress Lucy's talents - something that took many many years of good and bad experiences with other Dommes.

Mistress Lucy provides an extremely professional environment and setting. Her greatest talent is mentally connecting with you and this aspect is very rare to find. I truly felt like a real submissive and slave for those moments.

I would imagine that most submissives are very similar. We walk around with these thoughts in our head every hour of every day. Most of us dream of a 24/7 lifestyle but for a variety of reasons this is not an option. Some of us have partners that may be on the vanilla side that we know we cannot share this with. But a fact of life is accepting that one person may not be able to fill every void that we have. This is why I am so incredibly happy that I have found Mistress Lucy. To connect with her on both a physical level for a few hours every now and then is extremely liberating. Her ability to get me to verbalize my desires is like 1000 pounds coming off my shoulders and then her ability to connect the mental and physical is second to none. These few hours allow me to function normally afterwards on a day to day basis...to get these constant thoughts out of my head (not that I do not enjoy the thoughts, but they can cause a great deal of anxiety). Some people may debate this, but it keeps my relationship at home MUCH stronger and healthier.

It is apparent that Mistress Lucy loves what she does. Without this you cannot have a great session. I have that utmost respect for Mistress Lucy and I know that she has the same respect for me (no matter what really odd desires I may have) - and that is exactly why I continue to go back.

Those on the outside may read this and think it's crazy. But to those in the community - you get it.

Review by Sub M

I enter the door to start the journey. Not really sure what I was expecting exactly, but not this. I'd expected beautiful, how could I not, I'd seen her pictures, but she is definitely, instantly, and unmistakably more beautiful than I could have imagined. Beautiful, in an almost other-worldly sense.

We chat for a minute, she talks, she explains the first things that are going to happen. This continues as the session evolves. I'm never "told" to do something, its more just a constant explanation of what is going to happen. A subtle and intoxicating slide into submission. We chat more, and I talk, more than I ever normally do, about things I never normally talk about. She's calm and in control, and I've only just met her - but i trust her with my boundaries, and with my thoughts. The session continues, and its hard to explain. There isn't one thing that stands out, because there was never just one thing happening. Different sensations, different feelings, and different emotions - constantly cresting and declining at different timbres and tempos. I lose track of pleasure and pain, of up and down, of pretty much everything.

Then as I think the session is winding down, it changes directions again, it's equal parts confusing and exhilarating. I get completely lost in the session, but know afterwards, that I've found a guide for a journey i'm excited about.

Review by Sub J

We live a life of media blitz and image inundation, and as a result it is easy to forget that, whether moving and with sound, or simply still shots, images are not reality. Nothing brings that truism home more than when Mistress Lucy enters a room.

One glance at Mistress Lucy in the flesh, and I completely understand why the ancients built great temples to female beauty, lugging massive chunks of granite and marble by the sweat of their backs up steep mountain trails. Mistress Lucy’s ethereal beauty commands such devotion.

But do not be deceived by this petite beauty’s delicate features and ideal curves. Mistress Lucy is a madcap sadist, gleeful in play, stern with her hand on a whip, and possessed of a physical strength that simply should not exist in such a tiny package. Sessions with Mistress Lucy are both explorations and therapy. On more than one occasion, Mistress Lucy has savaged my body while salvaging my soul.

Review by Sub M

It's five minutes to two on a Friday afternoon. With my light lunch over, I run through my mental checklist again: showered, shaved, groomed, my toiletries bag packed, my schedule blocked off for the rest of the day. By now you'd think this would be more routine than ritual, but it isn't; I still get nervous every time I see Lucy.

Breathe, I tell myself.

A year ago this would've just been another wild daydream born out of a twenty year old fantasy, the kind of thing you know happens--but not to you. Today though, it's reality. My reality. Today, I get to submit to a woman so electrifying that the air practically crackles when she enters the room. She is imaginative and playful and intoxicating, every bit the flame to my moth. And, even though she can flay me open with just a glance, I always feel safe.

For me that's where my BDSM journey began: wanting to feel safe. As a cynic and an introvert, it's always been hard to separate the safety given by others from the safety I've given myself by building up walls and pushing people away. But in forfeiting parts of myself to Lucy--my ability to move or to hear or to speak or to resist--I forfeit the opportunity the build *any* wall or push *anyone* away. It forces me to be open, to trust. To be myself and nothing more.

I stare into the mirror and look myself in the eyes. Time to go.

Outside the streets are full of people playing parts and wearing masks. Maybe that's what they think of me, too. But inside I know I've never felt more myself in my life.