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Chastity Checkup

A Tease & Denial Femdom Erotica by M.L. Paige

Consuela drummed her French-tipped nails along the edge of the dining table and turned to Harvey, her dark perfumed hair tumbling over her shoulder to tickle her cleavage. Past Consuela’s displeased, purple-lipsticked sneer, Harvey could see their dinner guest–and Consuela’s old roommate–Inez squirm awkwardly in her seat. Consuela was three glasses of red wine in, just at the point when her temper began to get out of hand; Harvey knew that if he made the wrong move, his girlfriend’s temper would kick into overdrive.

“Yes dear?” Harvey asked softly. “Is there something you need?”

Consuela snorted, her sneer turning into a bright, vicious smile. “Yes dear,” she said, parodying Harvey’s politeness. “There is: dessert. I asked for it five minutes ago.”

Don’t pick a fight, thought Harvey. You know she didn’t mention anything about dessert but just let it go.

Harvey rose sheepishly from the dining table in his khakis and his tucked-in short sleeve button down. He felt dowdy and out-of-fashion in his outfit, especially compared to Carmen’s white chic halter jumpsuit that showed off her pendulous breasts and hourglass hips. As he slinked off to the kitchen, he heard Consuela bellow with laughter and Inez politely join in. Harvey retrieved the delicate pastries from the fridge that Consuela had made him wait an hour in line for at seven that morning. He carefully arranged them on a porcelain serving tray and returned to the dining room, setting the colorful spread down between Consuela and Inez before taking his seat at the far end of the table.

Inez pushed the tray in Harvey’s direction. “Would you like one?” she asked.

“He’s fine,” said Consuela, pulling the tray back. She popped a miniature mont-blanc pastry topped with whipped cream in her mouth, watching Harvey as she licked the cream from her lips. “Harvey doesn’t eat sweets. Not since I made him stop, anyway.” She laughed to herself and adjusted the halter straps of her jumpsuit so that her nipples were perfectly centered against the white fabric. Harvey felt himself strain in the punishing chastity trainer device Consuela had put him in so many months ago.

“You always did like having your way…” said Inez. She frowned at Harvey. “Bless your heart for putting up with her.”

Inez and Consuela were the same age, that much Harvey knew, but Inez was a total contrast to Harvey’s girlfriend: She had short straight hair versus Consuela’s long permed locks, a tomboy frame, and at least a dozen tattoos and piercings that gave her a punky aura. And, perhaps the biggest difference to Consuela, while Inez looked like a bad bitch on the outside, inside she had a girl-next-door sweetness to her.

“No no,” said Harvey, quick to pounce on Inez’s comment. “She puts up with me. Really.”

Consuela smirked. “Harvey understands that everything I do, I do for him,” she said as chewed on a mini eclair. “Speaking of, isn’t it time for your monthly check-up Harvey?”

Harvey’s heart stopped. No way Consuela would do this in front of Inez… would she?

“Check-up?” asked a perplexed Inez. She looked over at Harvey with raised eyebrows. “Consuela didn’t say anything about you being sick…”

“It’s not a doctor’s appointment,” said Consuela. “Though it is absolutely critical to Harvey’s, shall we say, hygiene.”

“I don’t understand…” said Inez.

Consuela leaned back in her chair, sitting up straight so that her breasts jutted out. Her silver chain necklace with the oval locket glinted under the dining room light. She clapped her hands twice in rapid, theatrical succession.

“Get my book, Harvey,” she announced.

With a suppressed sigh of defeat, Harvey excused himself from the table and padded over to a squat walnut cabinet in the corner and took out a black leather notebook that was adorned with a garish heart-shaped lock. He returned to the table and offered it to Consuela like a waiter offering a menu. She took it without so much as a ‘thank you’.

“And the key,” she added.

Harvey carefully lifted the locket hanging from Consuela’s neck and with shaking hands opened it up. Inside was a small key. He turned the locket over and dropped the key into his palm, and then he knelt down next to Consuela and held it up to her in the cradle of both hands like an offering. He felt Inez’s eyes studying him with bewilderment.

Consuela snatched the key from Harvey’s palms, her French-tipped nails scratching his skin. She unlocked the notebook and then placed the key back in Harvey’s hands.

“What’s going on?” asked Inez, finally having had enough mystery. Out of the corner of his eye, Harvey saw Inez’s face with its nose, eyebrow, and lip piercings soften into a gentle frown.

Harvey didn’t dare respond; he knew better than that. Consuela flipped through the pages noisily until she found that month’s review and then set the book on the table before reaching for her wine. She took a long sip and then said: “Harvey and I have a sort of system. Each month we sit down, and I perform a sort of, ah, performance review of how the past month has gone. You know, things he did well, areas where he needs improvement, that kind of thing.”

Inez stifled an awkward laugh. “What? That’s… are you kidding?” She looked down to Harvey and then back up to Consuela; Harvey could not bring himself to meet Inez’s curious gaze. “Why would he…? Harvey, why do you…”

“Do you want to explain honey?” asked Consuela, staring down her nose at Harvey.

Harvey continued to hold the small silver key up to Consuela, his arms beginning to tremble with fatigue. Was she serious about him explaining or just taunting him?

“Harvey has been put into chastity,” explained Consuela, sparing Harvey from having to decide what to do. “And depending on his performance each month, I decide to either allow him release or continue to keep him locked up. It’s amazing what it’s done for our relationship. I know I’m much happier since we started this regimen–Harvey, would you agree?”

Only one answer was available to Harvey.

“Yes dear,” agreed Harvey glumly. “I’m much happier.”

Consuela smiled like a proud pet owner.

“Wait,” said Inez. “I still don’t think I get it. When you say chastity do you mean, like… ‘chastity’ chastity? Like sexual chastity?” Inez made a face halfway between laughter and surprise.

“It’s a cage of sorts,” explained Consuela. “You put it on a man’s dick, lock it up real tight, and then there you go: no more touching, no more erections.”

Inez leaned in and asked: “And he just let you do that?”

Consuela shook her head, her silver hoop earrings dangling back and forth.

“It took some discussion. And some arguing too, but eventually I was able to convince Harvey that he had two choices: he could live his life with me in chastity or he could live his life without me at all. He made the right choice.”

Folding her arms across her chest, Inez looked from Consuela to Harvey and back again, still working to comprehend their situation. “What kind of ‘performance’ do you review?” she asked, her initial shock beginning to wane.

Consuela picked the leather book up and ran a manicured finger down the month’s list of duties and performance areas. “Well, for starters there’s sexual service.” She looked down at Harvey. “You’re getting better at oral. You tire less easily, you’re more eager, and I don’t think you failed a single time this month to get me off,” said Conseula before patting Harvey on the head. “Good job. I still think we should look into those tongue studs for you–they’re supposed to feel amazing for me and I bet Inez could even recommend someone to do the piercing. Right Inez?”

Inez nodded as she reached for another pastry. “Yeah, sure,” she said idly, now looking at Harvey with a puzzled expression. “I was going to ask how you two can be together if he’s all, you know, locked up or whatever down there but I guess if he just goes down on you…”

“Oh I still have sex,” said Consuela. “Just not with Harvey. I’ve got myself a bit of a stable of lovers, actually. In fact, that’s an area Harvey has not been doing well with.”

Inez munched on her pastry, eyebrows upturned in a look of pity for Harvey.

“Do you want to tell Inez why you haven’t been doing so well?”Consuela asked Harvey.

Harvey let out a sigh. “I–”

“Look at Inez when you speak to her,” said Consuela, prodding him with her foot.

It took a moment for Harvey to gather enough courage to look straight up at Inez. She stared back with wide eyes, holding a polite, stiff smile as she tried to strike a balance between empathizing with Harvey and indulging Consuela.

Begrudgingly, Harvey spoke: “I have not been enthusiastic, I have been whiny, and I have not been kind enough to Consuela’s… lovers.” Based on Harvey’s droning tone, this was a recitation he had spoken many times before, though even so that last word–’lovers’–seemed to stick in his throat. 

Inez shook her head gently and looked at Consuela. “I don’t understand. Okay, you guys have an open thing, sure. But what is Harvey supposed, uh, do with these guys?”

Harvey felt himself get very warm, like he was directly under a spotlight.

“We call it the ABCs,” said Consuela. “Anticipation, Be Quiet, Cleanup. For ‘Anticipation’, Harvey is to help me get ready for my dates. He helps me pick out and put on lingerie, get dressed, get my makeup ready, and makes sure that I look absolutely stunning for my men.” At the mention of ‘my men’, a pang of humiliation rippled through Harvey. Consuela continued:

“For ‘Be Quiet’, Harvey is to be out of sight and out of mind. If I’m going out, that means no texts, no calls, nothing no matter how late I’m out. If I’m here…” Consuela looked at Harvey with a cold smirk. “It means Harvey goes in the shoe closet and waits until I need something. We even have a tiny little stool in there for him to sit on. Wasn’t I kind to gift that you, Harvey?”

Harvey hung his head in shame as his humiliation continued to grow. “Yes dear,” he said.

“Harvey has been performing well with ‘Anticipation’ and ‘Be Quiet’. He’s been a perfect cheerleader for my dates that way. But ‘Cleanup’ is where we have a problem. Inez, want to take a guess at what ‘Cleanup’ is?”

Inez shrugged. “No idea Consuela. This whole thing is just… “ She made a motion like her head was exploding and laughed. “I don’t know, does he clean up your bedroom or something? Do the laundry?”

“Not quite,” said Consuela. “Although there are ‘loads’ involved.” She grinned.

Inez wrinkled her nose in disgust. “You can’t be serious.”

“I’m very serious. I don’t want that stuff inside me longer than I have to. It’s gross and gooey and, ugh.” Consuela gave a mock shudder and wrenched her face into a revulsed frown. “That’s why little Harvey here needs to suck every last drop of my lovers’ cum out of me. That way my perfect pussy stays nice and clean for the next one. Oh, that reminds me!” She looked at Harvey playfully. “I actually did get you a dessert, dear. I thought since we were having company over it would be a very special treat for you. Let me go get it.”

Consuela suddenly stood up and ran to the kitchen, her hips swinging and breasts bouncing in her white jumpsuit. Harvey heard the fridge open. “Harvey’s lost twenty five pounds since I banned desserts,” said Consuela from the kitchen. “But I still remember how much he loved whipped cream. He would put it on everything, it was crazy.”

“Christ,” whispered Inez under her breath. “Are you okay with this? Do you like this?” she asked Harvey, keeping her voice low so that Consuela wouldn’t hear.

Harvey tried not to look at Inez. What was he supposed to say? Yes, I like getting my girlfriend ready for dates with other men and then licking their cum out of her? Of course he didn’t like it. But Consuela had made his choice very clear: it was this or nothing. And Harvey would rather do this–and far worse, he knew, if he had to–than lose Consuela. There was just something about her that drove Harvey mad with lust and adoration. There always had been, ever since they met. Maybe it was just that guys like Harvey never really got to be with women like Consuela–or maybe he was just addicted to her on some primal, instinctual level.

Consuela returned with something in one closed hand and a pair of scissors in the other. She sat back down and extended out her closed hand. “Ta da!” she exclaimed as she opened her fingers. Sitting in her palm was an extra large condom knotted at one end and filled with a hefty load. Harvey wished he could disappear so that Inez would not have to witness his emasculation firsthand. “It’s not whipped cream but I’m afraid it will have to do,” said Consuela. “It’s from a new man of mine, Marco. Big guy, ex-rugby player actually, and hung like a mule. One of those real alpha types too, you know the ones who everyone moves out of the way for and who can get a seat at any bar or restaurant he wants. Harvey hates him. Probably because Marco has no problem treating Harvey like a little beta bitch.” Consuela chuckled. “And Harvey really hates Marco’s loads.”

Without waiting for a reaction from Inez, Consuela dangled the condom over Harvey’s head, tip down. She readied the scissors against the condom and adjusted her aim so that it was exactly above Harvey’s face. “Open up,” she said.

“Consuela…” said a concerned Inez.

“What?” asked Consuela jokingly. “You don’t want my boyfriend to miss out on dessert, do you?” She glared down at Harvey and repeated her command: “Open up.”

With a grimace, Harvey tilted his head back and opened his mouth, inching his tongue out. Consuela snipped the bottom of the condom. A moment later, Marco’s bitter, viscous, fridge-cold cum dripped down onto Harvey’s tongue. Inez watched in disgust. It slowly slid towards the back of Harvey’s mouth like molasses, pooling in the divot of his tongue.

“Don’t swallow,” ordered Consuela.

The load continued dribbling down into Harvey’s open mouth until there was so much thick white seed that Inez couldn’t see the pink of his tongue anymore. Harvey could smell the musty, bleachy stench of the cum up the back of his nose and fought off his gag reflex, trying not to think of the oversized bully it had come from.

“Do you like that?” Consuela asked Harvey. Harvey practically had tears in his eyes as he struggled to hold Marco’s load on his tongue.

“See,” said Consuela to inez. “This is the problem. If Harvey can’t develop a taste for my men, how is he ever going to be enthusiastic about cleaning them out of me? I don’t want to see him make that stupid face every time I need my pussy cleaned, I want to see him excited, like he’s pigging out on the desserts he used to get.”

Inez furrowed her brow, trying to think of something constructive to say. “Maybe he just needs time,” she offered.

“You’ve always been too nice. But remember what we learned in college: Only bitches get the corner office,” said Consuela. She peered into Harvey’s mouth. “You can swallow now, dear.”

Harvey choked on the thick load, coughing as he struggled to get it all down into his belly. He retched, wishing for a glass of water to wash it down with, knowing Consuela would never indulge him in front of an audience, especially not an old friend like Inez.

Watching Harvey obey Consuela’s commands without question and not even speak up when Inez offered him the chance made Inez see Harvey in an all new light. She’d always thought of him as one of those brainy, intimidating sorts that always knows more than you do but is too nice to make you feel stupid. But seeing him bent over, coughing on another man’s old cum made Inez think she was wrong–Harvey wasn’t intimidating, he was weak. And as Consuela had just said–and always said–it was the strong who got what they wanted and they used the weak to get it. Inez felt whatever respect she might have had for Harvey before that night dissipate.

“I just never knew he had this side to him,” she said as much to herself as to Consuela. “I mean, I never would’ve guessed.”

Consuela resumed flipping through the black leather notebook. “There are big men in this world and there are little men. Now you know which Harvey is. Let’s see, where were we?” asked Consuela as she scanned a page in the notebook. “Ah, yes. Docility. That is one area Harvey has done wonderfully in, month after month. He used to kick and scream and yell at me about how much he hated his chastity. But he’s calmed down. From what I’ve read online, it’s a by-product of the cum eating–it introduces estrogen or lowers testosterone or something.”

“What does it look like?” asked Inez. “The chastity thing, I mean.”

“Oh of course, you haven’t seen one of these.” Consuela snapped her fingers twice in Harvey’s face. “Show her.”

Still fighting the bitter taste of Marco in his throat, Harvey meekly stood up and pulled down his khakis. He wore a pair of red satin granny panties underneath that drew a muffled laugh from Inez. He rolled the panties down to reveal a bubblegum pink plastic cage. It was a nub design, its less than two inch tube forcing Harvey’s cock to look like practically nothing but a pink, plastic-encased bump while his balls hung out from the tight ring encircling them. The cage was further attached to a silver chain that fit snugly around Harvey’s waist, making it impossible for him to pull the cage off should he get any wild ideas.

“It’s so small!” exclaimed Inez. She looked at Harvey apologetically. “I mean the cage. It’s tiny!”

Consuela nodded. “We’ve had to work up to this size. At first we had one that was a few inches bigger, but did you know that the male penis actually begins to shrink when it’s in extended chastity?”

“No way,” said Inez.

“It does,” said Consuela. “It’s not permanent–if Harvey was ever out of his cage for a few days he’d start to return to his, hah, ‘larger’ size–but once a man is in chastity for at least two weeks he starts to shrink. And when he does you put him in a new, smaller cage and guess what? He starts to shrink some more. And so on and so on.”

Inez gave an exasperated laugh. “If you keep going, he’ll have a clit.”

Consuela smirked. “I made Harvey stand next to Marco and it already looked like he had a clit. Marco was laughing for so long he could barely breathe.” She reached over and held Harvey’s balls delicately in her palm. “I know these don’t look like much but they’re actually bigger than when we started lock up a year ago. Probably all that cum that’s stored up.”

“He hasn’t cum in a year?!”

Consuela nodded and let Harvey’s balls go. She continued looking through the black leather notebook.

“Isn’t that, uh, unhealthy?” asked Inez.

“Oh I milk his prostate now and again,” said Consuela. “Isn’t that right Harvey?”

Harvey blushed. The milkings were when Consuela was at her most demeaning.. It wasn’t enough for Consuela to just put one of those knobby rubber prostate massagers up his ass or to even make Harvey do it himself. No, Consuela insisted on being much more obscene than that. She would take a dildo from her collection, all named after her lovers–Marco, Victor, Otto, Dion, Duke, Sebastian (among others) and either attach it to a wall mount or affix it to a chair. Then she would make Harvey ride the dildo for her while she watched, usually with a glass of wine or a cigarette, offering “guidance” on how the lover-named dildo preferred to be pleasured: “Dion likes you to go slow”, “You have to be vocal with Victor or he’ll take forever to cum”, “Tease Otto’s head with your asshole”. She often took videos of his performance and played it back for him later in the light of day, making him watch himself while she critiqued him all over again. When he was done and had dribbled out a few teaspoons of prostate fluid onto a saucer, Consuela would pick it up and slide it down a funnel back into Harvey’s ass before plugging him up for the day. The entire process only ever hinted at satisfaction and in fact left Harvey more desperate to cum than ever.

Consuela continued down the list of Harvey’s duties.

“Cooking, cleaning, running errands, all satisfactory,” Consuela announced. “But I still can’t help but feel that you’re being possessive.” Consuela poked at Harvey’s naked thigh. “Which is exactly the reason I invited Inez over tonight.”

“What does that mean?” asked Inez.

“Well, I’ve talked to a few other women who keep their beta boys locked up. They suggested that if Harvey was being difficult around my lovers, that it might help if he first gets some practice serving other women first. You know, a kind of technique to get him to stop thinking that he and I are in some way ‘exclusive’. I want him to not only serve others but also to get used to taking punishment from others too. For example, if I think Harvey needs a spanking and I’m too tired to do it, I don’t want any problems when I have Marco do it instead.”

Harvey blushed deep red and squirmed at the thought of being bent over Marco’s knee with bare ass up in the air.

“You want me to spank him?” asked Inez skeptically.

Consuela bared her teeth in a wolfish sneer. “I do,” she said. “Dear, go get my spoon.”

The blush in Harvey’s cheeks grew redder. It was bad enough that Consuela had humiliated him in front of the even-tempered Inez, but to have her be the one to punish him? He wanted to crumble with embarrassment.

“Please,” he said in a low whisper. “Don’t make it be her.”

Consuela scowled and roughly turned Harvey to the side, slapping his ass so hard it caught him by surprise. She shoved him towards the kitchen. “The spoon. Now!” she demanded. Harvey scuttled off to fetch the long wooden spoon Consuela was fond of using on him. He brought it back to her with a pleading look in his eyes. He looked over at Inez. Would she take pity on him? Surely Consuela would not, but perhaps if he could sway Inez he might have a chance to stave off any more humiliation for the night.

There was a screech as Consuela pushed out her chair and stood up, motioning for Inez to follow suit. She pointed Harvey towards the table. “Rest of your clothes off. Bend over.”

“Consuela. I don’t know if I can do this,” said Inez as she ran a hand through her hair anxiously.

Consuela handed Inez the long wooden spoon. Its handle was worn away and the underside of its bowl showed signs of heavy use, hinting at how many times Consuela had beaten Harvey with the spoon in the past year.

“Nonsense,” said Consuela. She took another heavy sip of wine. “Sure you can. You’ll be surprised how easy it is. Plus, you’ll be doing me a huge favor.”

Inez took a deep breath and watched as Harvey quivered and shook, his body bent over the dining table with his ass exposed. Between his legs she could see his balls hanging down, cinched by the pink plastic ring of his chastity device. She lightly smacked him with the spoon. It barely made a sound.

“You have to do it harder than that,” said Consuela. “Watch.” She took the spoon from Inez and lined up a shot. Then she pulled back and cracked the spoon against Harvey’s ass cheek.

Harvey cried out, feeling the hot sting of the wood bite into his flesh.

“Don’t round your back,” muttered Consuela, pushing Harvey’s body down so that his ass jutted out towards the women. She gave the spoon back to Inez.

“Okay, let me try again,” said Inez. She reminded herself how weak Harvey was, how he let his ‘girlfriend’ fuck anyone she wanted and then willingly ate their cum. It was disgusting. He was disgusting. He was a pathetic wimp who deserved everything Consuela did to him and more. He deserved this.

Inez lined up a shot just like Consuela did and then brought the spoon down with as much power as she could. It landed slightly off-center, catching Harvey at the tender spot where his ass met his thigh. He wriggled in pain and his feet danced wildly.

“Wow, that was… kind of fun,” admitted Inez.

“Isn’t it?” said Consuela. “And think of the service you’re doing for little Harvey here. With each stroke he understands more and more what he’s doing wrong. How he needs to be more enthusiastic with my lovers. How he needs to get used to serving and being punished by anyone I want. Go ahead, hit him again to remind him.”

Inez cracked the spoon against Harvey again, hitting one cheek dead on. Harvey let out a cry and bucked back as his pale bottom turned rosy pink.

“Now tell Inez ‘thank you’,” said Consuela, gathering up a handful of Harvey’s hair and pulling his head up from the dining table.

“Thank you, Inez,” he said, strained.

“Miss Inez,” said Consuela, correcting him.

“Thank you, Miss Inez,” said Harvey.

“Whew,” said Inez, wiping off her brow. “I think I’m getting a little, uh…”

“Excited?” asked Consuela. She chuckled. “It happens.” Consuela let go of Harvey’s head and then reached between his legs, clutching his balls with her French-tipped nails. “You’re making Inez excited, dear. Let’s see if we can’t get her even more excited. Inez, can you continue? Let’s go to ten–and make them count.”

Harvey was forced to count off Inez’s strikes as she alternated between his ass cheeks, his voice rising in pitch as the count climbed. Halfway through he was whimpering and his ass was on fire, both cheeks sporting blotchy pink welts. But this pain went away when Inez missed her next blow, hitting the spoon against his balls instead. As he screamed in agony, Consuela laughed and made some comment about being impressed that Inez could hit such a small target. The smacks continued for the rest of the ten count until Inez was out of breath and Harvey drenched in sweat.

“Now,” said Consuela, sitting down with Inez and commanding Harvey to kneel between them. “How do you feel?”

Inez’s face was glowing, a power-drunk smile across her lips. “I feel amazing,” she said.

“Why don’t we have you feel even more amazing,” said Consuela. “And you can tell me first hand if you think I should get Harvey those tongue studs.”

Harvey’s heart skipped a beat.

“Wait,” said Inez. “Do you mean…?’

Consuela nodded. “Like I said before he’s gotten quite good at oral. Amazing what a locked cock will do to motivate a beta boy.” She laughed.

“Well alright,” said Inez. She took a moment to collect herself and then began unbuttoning the fly of her faded denim stretch jeans. Underneath was a neon yellow lace thong. Harvey could see the front was nearly soaked through and underneath the lace Harvey could see Inez had shaved down to a thin landing strip of dark pubic hair. She smelled light and delicate.

Inez peeled her panties down to her ankles and wiggled her legs open. “Go ahead,” she said. 

Harvey scurried on all fours between Inez’s legs and then eagerly licked her with the tip of his tongue. His mouth worked furiously, exploring every fold and crevice of Inez’s pussy with a desperate hunger that had been drilled into him by Consuela over the past year. The taste of her was heady and made Harvey’s cock ache in its chastity cage. He was determined to make Inez feel as good as possible, to earn both her favor and to keep Consuela from raining down even more torment upon him. 

He worked slowly, taking his time to taste every inch of Inez’s flesh. His tongue explored and teased her clit, flicking back and forth until it stiffened with pleasure. He trailed down further, tongue tracing down the woman’s wet lips and unleashing a chorus of moans from Inez as he licked and sucked at her with slavish adoration. He licked her from the very bottom of her pussy to the top, pausing to lap up her wetness as he went. Harvey worked tirelessly, sending wave after wave of pleasure crashing over Inez’s body as she writhed and moaned beneath him. The minutes ticked by and still Harvey kept going, determined to take his time and make sure Inez enjoyed every second of it.

‘This is incredible,” said a breathless Inez. “Keeping him in chastity did this?”

Consuela mm-hmmed. “Be lucky you didn’t have to experience him before. He could barely find my clit. Now… well, Harvey why don’t you show Inez how much you’ve learned and make her cum.”

Harvey worked his tongue with an almost manic intensity. He traced circles around Inez’s clit, sucking and licking until she was gasping and screaming. He felt the pressure building inside her and he increased his rhythm, pushing her further until finally she came in a dizzying wave that made her legs tremble uncontrollably. Harvey licked her until the last bit of pleasure had been wrung from her body then slinked back on his knees. His face glistened with her juices and his impotent cock pushed futilely against its plastic prison.

“Now me,” he heard Consuela say from behind.

Harvey turned and saw that Consuela had already undid the band that fastened the pants of her halter jumpsuit to the top straps. She’d discarded her black thong and sat with her legs spread wide, revealing the dark, thick V of her pubic hair. He shakily crawled between Consuela’s legs, mouth still tired and sore from pleasing Inez. Unlike Inez, Consuela had no qualms about using Harvey like a living sex toy. She dug her nails into the back of his head with an impatient grip and shoved him against her pussy.

Through her dark pubic hair, Harvey’s tongue searched for Consuela’s petaled lips. He ate her until his entire sensory world was Consuela–her heady taste and smell, the feel of her wet flesh and pubic hair, the sound of Consuela’s satisfied lioness growl, and the sight of absolutely nothing with his face pressed so tightly against her. Nonchalantly she guided him to her waiting clit and again Harvey showed off his training. Harvey kept going, licking and sucking with a desperation that comes from knowing that you’re entirely in someone else’s control. The minutes went by, but Consuela remained unmoved by his efforts. Even as her breathing grew heavier and her body shivered with pleasure she refused to cum, teasing Harvey until he thought his tongue might fall off from exhaustion.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity, Consuela’s body began to quake as she let out a prolonged moan of pleasure that felt like it would never end. As the last spasms died away, Harvey collapsed against Consuela’s lap in a sweaty, exhausted heap. She pushed Harvey back so that again he was between both women, dizzy and breathless and covered in a mix of their juices.

“You know dear,” said Consuela, wiping sweat off her brow. “I’ve decided to let you out of your chastity after all.”


Consuela adjusted the stocks so that they tilted Harvey’s head and hands up at an angle, as if he were leaning forward with a view of the corner of the laundry room’s ceiling. His ankles were chained to large steel eyelets in the concrete floor, keeping him from being able to move more than a few inches in any direction. He looked to the side, just able to see Consuela and Inez. A petulant frown filled his face.

“Don’t be like that,” said Consuela, squatting down out of sight so that she could reach Harvey’s chastity cage. She slid the tiny silver key into the cage’s built-in lock and opened it, the lock and chastity device springing open with the force of Harvey’s denied erection. Consuela left on the ring set at the base of his shaft and behind his balls; it acted as an impromptu cock ring that made Harvey instantly grow.

Although Harvey could not look down and see the sight for himself, he did see Inez staring down between his legs. Her face was studious.

Consuela noticed her looking as well and said, “I told you they shrink in chastity.” The women laughed.

Just then, the front door rang.

“Who’s that?” asked Inez.

“A special treat,” said Consuela, checking her watch. “Right on time too. Marco for me and Victor for you. I actually messaged Victor a video while Harvey was going down on you and he is very excited to meet you.”

Inez tut-tutted. “You didn’t.”

“I did,” said Consuela. She grinned.

“You’re a bad, bad girl,” said Inez. She gave Consuela an affectionate squeeze. “Thank you. I’ve been wanting a fun time for a while.”

“Well then a fun time you will get,” said Consuela. “And lucky for us Harvey here made sure we’re both nice and wet for our guests.” She patted Harvey on the head.

Harvey whimpered, feeling his cock throb with each heartbeat.

“Should we go greet them?” asked Inez. The women moved towards the laundry room door.

“Enjoy being out of your chastity,” said Consuela, chuckling. They left, turning off the light and closing the door behind them, leaving Harvey in total darkness.

While Harvey sat there in darkness, cock jaunting hopelessly, he heard the women retreat upstairs, able to hear the sounds of conversation through the laundry room pipes. Harvey soon heard Inez’s excited chatter followed by her pure excitement. Then she heard Consuela’s low, deep voice. Neither woman wasted time urging their lovers and before long he heard the mix of their calls and cries, as well as the men’s grunting and thrusting, some of it so aggressive that Harvey could hear the bed headboard’s clapping through the ceiling.

The women took their time with the studs. At one point Inez was moaning so loudly that Harvey would’ve guessed she was in the room with him. He rocked his hips in frustration and growled out a defeated groan.

After what seemed like hours, Consuela and Inez finally returned to the laundry room. The studs seemed to have left and the women were just in their bras and panties, both with flushed faces as if they’d just come from a day-long massage treatment at a spa, sex-drunk as Consuela held up a knotted, bulging condom in each hand. She smirked.

“We brought you a little something,” she said. She grabbed a hanger from off the top of the washing machine and hooked it onto a steam pipe a few feet above Harvey’s head. Then she hung the condoms from either side of it. Harvey saw Consuela reach for a pair of sewing scissors from the bottom of an empty laundry basket.

“It took a while,” said Consuela. “But Inez and I both made a promise to keep Marco and Victor all pent up, edging them so that when they did come it would be, well…”

The condoms above Harvey’s head were full with what looked like at least three or four of the size loads Harvey produced–back when he was still allowed to cum on a regular basis. He dreaded what Consuela had in store for him.

“Inez, do you want to do the honors?” asked Consuela. She handed the scissors to Inez. Harvey gave her a miserable, pathetic look.

“Don’t be sad,” said Inez dreamily. She stroked Harvey’s cheek. “This won’t be the last time we see each other–Consuela’s definitely convinced me that you two have a good thing going on. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a boyfriend like you of my own. Then the two of you can play together for us.”

Inez giggled as Harvey slumped over in the stocks, unable to even lower his face thanks to the rigid wooden board. She snipped a very small hole in each condom. A moment later drips of the stud’s cum started raining down on Harvey’s head at an agonizing, methodical pace. He tried to move his head away but couldn’t, the still-warm cum rolling down his forehead and face, into the space between his nose and upper lip, into his mouth and his eyes, along the outsides of his ears, down along his neck.

“Please dear,” begged Harvey. He rolled his hips. “Please let me cum.” As he spoke, a fat droplet of musky semen fell directly into Harvey’s mouth and he gagged.

With a mischievous smile, Inez drew her bare foot along Harvey’s still hard cock. He sprung to life and bucked against her. Then, just like that, Inez pulled her foot away.

“No, no, no no no,” mewled Harvey as the women retreated without a word, leaving him again in the laundry room in total darkness as Marco and Victor’s cum continued to rain down on his prone face. He heard them through the pipes as they began to chat and laugh together.

Harvey sobbed in frustration, unable to tell what was tears and what was the seed of the men who had enjoyed what he had been denied.


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