As many of you know, I have been training new Dominas for many years starting during My “house” days.  I stopped for a little bit when I went independent to focus on the transition and My new found freedom but decided it was time once I felt settled.  I have always enjoyed teaching – I use to tutor in junior high and high school (maybe thats why I like teacher role plays haha).  Anyways, here is a lovely reflection from sub p who had the pleasure to participate in two training session with Miss Izumi.

“The first training session was completely transformative and beautiful from start to finish. It was an honor to serve as a training sub for Mistress Izumi’s first feminine transformation as you guided her during the session while she was able to explore herself and continue her personal domme journey alongside my own nonbinary sub journey. I still am processing my transformation into Layla, thanks to both you and Mistress Izumi, with me becoming this beautiful, “fitness goth,” this feminine side of me being fully realized, taking and pleasuring cocks for the first type as a loyal maid.

The second session was very fun and I was very pleased Mistress Izumi was able to fulfill a role play fantasy of hers as a #CorporateGirlBoss (with you as the dutiful head of HR) and give me a proper “performance review.” It was my first time performing proper foot worship and massage as a sub and I was quite appreciative of Izumi’s gentle but firm guidance. I also was very pleased to improve upon how much I was able to please Izumi’s cocks and take a larger cock in my throat than last time. The way her hands would alternate sometimes caressing my face, sometimes force the cock deeper into my mouth was mesmerizing. Finally, being able to serve as a properly bound seat cushion for Mistress Izumi was wonderful. Your gorgeous, leather-clad ass followed swiftly by her own sumptuous rear smothering me was divine and finishing off her review while making me worship, lick, and smell her feet was an exquisite finish.”