San Francisco – January 11 + 12 + 13

Boston – January 23 + 24

For those of you who are new to Me, I try to travel to San Francisco at least four times a year as it is My hometown.  I love playing in the Bay Area because this city is one kinky city.  I remember going to Folsom St Fair in My late teens and just being blown away by all the kinky sights – I really loved it and obviously it had an impact 🙂

Over the recent years, I have been trying to make Boston a regular city I visit as well.  My trips there tend to be quick so I haven’t had the chance to explore much but maybe a sweet sub will schedule a dinner onto our play so I can experience the food scene.

For both cities, the appeal for Me when I travel for work is having a fully equipped play space to use.  I no longer enjoy having to lug around heavy equipment in suitcases and My years of doing that is over unless it’s a FMTY.

To apply, please fill out My submission form.