I have a few honorifics that I enjoy – “Mistress”, “Domina”, “Master”, “Queen”, and “Daddy.”  However, I am selective who is allowed to call Me Daddy.  For Me, it has to fit our interaction as well as you have to earn it.  I feel that I embody as an individual all My other titles however “Daddy” is based on My interaction with a sub.  I feel the most “Daddy” depending on what I am doing and who I am doing it with.

Do you want to earn the right to call Me “Daddy”?

Reflections from sub d:

“Mistress Sweetkill is one of those rare people who exude dominance such that it compels one to kneel and be subordinate. When she told me I had to earn the right to call her Daddy I knew she was the real deal. I felt nervous when I first met her but those feelings subsided quickly – her beauty is overwhelming, her touch is warm, her directives clear.

As I knelt before her, she leaned into me and whispered what I would have to do to be her cuckold slut. She warned me she would own my holes and use them as she desired. She laughed as she warned a slut takes whatever Daddy gives. That a slut does whatever Daddy says. I was deeply excited as I begged to be allowed to serve her.

Hours later, I felt entirely overwhelmed. I arrived hoping to experience pretending to be a cuck cockslut – instead she absolutely turned me into that in a truly visceral way. I was put in chastity and quickly dismissed to make the walk of shame home. For the next week Mistress Sweetkill’s lock clicked on my chastity cage with every step I took. I felt humiliated as I had to pull down my panties and sit everytime I needed to pee. I ached every time I got excited thinking of what had happened.

On my next visit, I earned the right to call Mistress Sweetkill my Daddy. It was not easily earned – I’ll never forget a moment when I felt destroyed and helpless. Daddy walked away for a moment and when she returned I thanked Daddy thinking she was done with me. With a wry smile Daddy made it clear this wasn’t the end but rather a new beginning with bigger instruments. We both knew I would take it – that it wasn’t my decision.

I can’t count how many times I’ve reminisced about how effortlessly Daddy overpowered and overwhelmed me. She has such a strong presence.”