I have had an influx of inquires about buying My used items so I thought I’d write a post about it. 🙂

100% of My panties are black (no surprise there) and I truly only have two kinds – thongs and cotton bikinis (classic panties).  I wear My thongs during workouts and usual day to day activities while I wear My bikinis to sleep.  I sell them vacuum-sealed for $75 (plus shipping).  If you want them extremely worn or after certain activities, we can discuss 😉

I love fishnet and nylon stockings so I wear them often (with and without panties).  I tend to wear them a few times before they are hand washed. I also sell them vacuum-sealed for $60 (plus shipping).

I do not sell socks as I often do not wear them even when I work out.  Also, it takes a lot for my feet to stink and socks will prevent them from getting that nice natural odor.  However, I sell pairs of my old sneakers, flats, heels, and boots.  The cost varies depending on the item so please let My know what you are interested in.

I love knowing you are at home worshiping My worn items like a good sub!