I have said this a million times, if you are new to BDSM and want to find a provider, do your research.  The more you learn about the provider you want to submit to, the better.  Doing your research is not just about making sure who you see is real and won’t unintentionally harm you but it’s a way to build connection and get to know your possible Domina.


“I remember sharing that how I see myself as a submissive has evolved over the years of play and experiences within this community. As a “baby” submissive I was thrilled to share detailed summaries and “reviews” of my sessions, especially after playing with someone new. It felt important to provide commentary so others could share in my experiences and perhaps my words could help them decide to plan a visit for themselves.

I thought that the most important piece was to share the activities, pleasure & emotions I experienced during the session so that others could see themselves where I was and long to be there too. When writing my reflection for our session I began by doing the same thing, I walked through our interaction re-living each moment in my mind and realized that my previous outline for reflections needed to be changed.

My experience with you was much more impactful and generated different emotions and feelings than I had before. Normally I have built mental connections between myself and a Dominant as we play over time. With you I felt as if there was already a connection because I spent a fair amount of time listening to you being interviewed on podcasts as well as the interviews you ran in on La Maison Da Rouge YouTube channel. Being exposed to you through this medium gave me a lot of insight as to who you are as a person and what submitting to you would be like. When we finally met and played for the first time, I was already comfortable with you and knew our chemistry and connection would be easy to form.

So this reflection brought me to another place, it brought me to a conclusion that the most important part of our session was not when we met in the dungeon setting, it was well before that while I was doing my “research” on you and trying to determine if I wanted to session. But it was not the typical session reviews that fill MaxFisch’s bulletin board, it was your choice to share with us your views on kink and this community. It was the truthfulness of your interactions and conversations with other Female Dominants. It was the intimacy and commitment you showed towards your slave during the “Vice” interview. It was all of these things that were the best part of the session because they taught me who you were and allowed me the ability to let all of my defenses down and be where I needed to be when we met.”