Did you know it’s never too late to start your BDSM journey?  Novice subs come in all genders, shapes, sizes and ages.  🙂 The one common thing I do hear from new subs who start their journey later in life is that they wish they would have done it sooner.  I think the pandemic really taught us all not to waste time and make sure we are enjoying our life.

I look forward to helping more newbies on their BDSM journey.

Reflections from sub m:

“I had my first session ever and Mistress Lucy was an incredible guide. Prior to the session we had a very helpful conversation where she walked through some of the major differences between BDSM perceptions and reality. Still – words do not come close to the experience. During my session Mistress Lucy explained carefully what would happen and why (although there were eventually a few fun surprises). The focus on process and clear instruction helped me through any nervousness. 

Prior to my session I had read quite a bit in the reflection section about how Mistress Lucy can be both kind and thoughtful yet wonderfully sadistic. I agree – Sweetkill is a very apt name! To explain this dynamic I would compare the experience to working with an athletic trainer. If a trainer thinks you can do something but you’re not so sure or think it will be unpleasant, there can be some negotiation or wiggle room. If Mistress Lucy thinks you can do something you need to quickly accept that it is about to happen regardless of how uncomfortable it will be. In both cases it was always something you could handle and you’re better off for the experience of pushing your limits, but Mistress Lucy can push you faster and further than you thought which leads to a wonderful sense of accomplishment. I can’t wait to have another session and continue to discover my own abilities.”