I assigned a little writing task to My art loving submissive and asked him to choose an artist that made him feel connected to his kinks as well as an artist that he felt represented Me.

He wrote this wonderful art reflection:

Dear Mistress Lucy-

Thank You very much for assigning this task to me, I appreciate that You would think of an art element and I hope You enjoy my write-up. Part of why I remember important things to me is “art training” in conversation and lecture Q & A you have to remember and recall so many little details. For example, people ask about a specific year, a particular work, etc. It has trained my memory well over the years.

So without getting into an all-day lecture, here are some thoughts:

-My favorite artist with a bdsm slant is Nancy Grossman. She was ahead of her time and pushed boundaries in ways unseen before in mainstream art. My fav:










It’s the struggle and the bondage element, I remember being really young and seeing the work and being like, wow that is something enticing! She started doing these in the 60’s:

Nancy Grossman – Wikipedia

I also love her heads:










It was the first time I saw anything like this and was blown away. I remember seeing this captivating show:

Nancy Grossman at MoMA PS1 and Michael Rosenfeld Gallery – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

These all remind me of my submission. The first time I saw the work it just hit me. It took years to figure out why I love the submission and struggle represented. The struggle is coming to terms with my thoughts and desires, something I could never discuss and come to terms with until recently. A painful struggle. That is why I’m so grateful to You for helping me better understand myself, which is something I could not have achieved anywhere else. I’ll always be grateful. Always.

-There are so many thoughts about You, picking an artist or painting is difficult. But I do feel Leonora Carrington captures very much of Your essence. There is a deeper meaning here, spiritual in nature. Her significant work moved surrealism in a direction not seen prior, emphasizing the goddess and feminist elements. At the time it was revolutionary, a male dominated movement with a feminist bent was unseen. She believed in a goddess like form, dream like and controlling in life. Supernatural and all seeing.

I feel that You can see into others very well and Your power is undeniable. Carrington painted herself into her own work with the same ideals as the “white goddess.” A central figure to be worshipped in her dreamy surrealist images. During their love affair, Max Ernst (one of the forerunners of surrealism) inspired her to represent herself and feminist elements in her works. As she moved forward, the idea of a feminine interpretation of surrealism was groundbreaking:






This is a great article about her feminization of surrealism:
In such a male dominated movement this was unheard of, many years ahead of female artists in this movement getting proper recognition.

Other brilliant paintings by her:
















Another great article about her:

Leonora Carrington, the surrealist storytelling genius you’ve never heard of – Los Angeles Times (latimes.com)

She represents who You are, the inner power and strength. Spiritual, knowledgeable and powerful in nature. There is a deeper meaning which You contain through years of learning, practicing and Your own self. Sometimes words can’t explain, You need art to represent and push forward meaningful feelings / ideas. That is what art can do. And I can’t express it all in words but I know the power of her work and spiritual nature resonates. And I know there are no words that I can write which contain all You are.

I will always end every email the same way but please know I can never express my gratitude adequately.

Thank You for everything,