This is a story about cuckold clean up and erotic humiliation. If that doesn’t float your boat please don’t read further.

Kelly was nervous about registering for the appointment. She had never seen a therapist before and felt a bit ashamed at the thought of seeing one now. She reminded herself that this was a healthy thing to do and she needed to figure out what was going on with her boyfriend Brad. She really wished she didn’t have to go to the University’s student clinic but she worried that her parents might get a bill or a statement if she used her health insurance given she was on her father’s plan.

Kelly kept looking up at the clock. She had arrived 15 minutes early as requested. Registering had only taken a minute so now she fidgeted in the uncomfortable waiting room chair praying no-one she knew would see her. Fortunately, she didn’t have to wait long. After a few minutes she heard her name and was taken to a nice office. Dr. Berlin greeted her warmly. Kelly was happy to see that Dr. Berlin appeared to be young. She had a nose piercing and a youthful manner. She guessed early 30’s. Kelly was uncomfortable talking about sex and felt relieved that she didn’t have to try to relay her issues to someone older than her mother. Dr Berlin was quite attractive but in an unconventional way. She was tall and slim. She wore a tight black turtleneck with a pencil skirt and 4 inch heels that accentuated her height. The outfit somehow seemed both modest and provocative.

They spent the first session becoming acquainted. Kelly told her that she was a freshman majoring in Poli Sci. She imagined going to law school but wasn’t certain. The year had been great. She rushed and got into her favorite sorority where she had made a number of close friends. She also ran the 400 for the track team. She enjoyed her classes and was doing well academically. She met Brad early freshman year at a party. They hit it off immediately.

“He’s so dreamy.”

Kelly blushed, worried that she sounded like a starstruck fangirl but Dr. Berlin smiled and betrayed no judgment.

“I mean I still get goosebumps every time I see him… He’s SO handsome, he treats me super well, he’s a great athlete, does well in school, and even has a healthy relationship with his mom. I’ve never really been serious with anyone before and now I feel like I hit the jackpot! All my friends are so jealous. They’d freak if they knew I was here.”

“So, why are you here?”

Kelly hesitated and then whispered, “sex.”


“Sex.” This time Kelly said it loud enough to be heard and Kelly noticed the subtle flair of Dr. Berlin’s nostrils as she leaned forward.

“Great, I can assure you I can help you and we’ll get you talking about sex more freely soon. We’re almost out of time though. Let’s pick up next week.”

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