I received an email the other week – unsolicited- asking if they could provide a reflection of our time together back in December of 2017 as they still think of it often.  Even though they are unable to travel or play, I love that the memory of our time together stays with them.  Our memories can be powerful and a wonderful place to escape in.
From sub r:

“I met Mistress Lucy at her studio in New York, a few years ago, and it is still a pleasant vivid memory. She was very nice to communicate with, and greeted me warmly, chatted about my interests, but then things changed once she came out of her room, ready for action. I was ready, but in hindsight I also had no idea what I was in for.

I’d chosen Mistress Lucy because I was drawn to her website, her stern and yet inviting countenance, and of course her overall presence. I also have to admit, having had a Vietnamese girlfriend who I occasionally mistreated, I felt the need to be punished. I also had a habit of objectifying women, and Mistress Lucy brought that out of me and made me confess. With some of these experiences in mind, Mistress was ready to dole out the punishment I deserved. She gave me a mask which was a little disappointing, but honestly, I didn’t deserve to see her face. I remember the experience so vividly. She bound me to her table, spread eagle, naked and vulnerable, and whispered to me, almost sensual but firm. “This is my favorite part of these meetings,” she said. “You don’t know me, I can do anything and you’re powerless.” It was true. It was our first time meeting, and I had to trust her; or rather, I had no choice. She moved behind me, and I did my best to feel and sense what was going on.

As a novice, she was initially gentle, but began to really hit me hard. I had a safe word – which was gracious of her – but she also said if I used it, I’d be punished harder. How bitterly ironic – I had a safe word, and was afraid to use it. I’m proud to say I didn’t, as the whipping got harder and my butt cheeks grew redder and more raw. She got me to confess some more of my secrets, including my closeted bisexuality and a porn addiction. She laughed at all the time I wasted, but then whipped me for pleasuring myself and not paying for the work. I learned a lesson here, and since then, I’ve spent enough to compensate some of my favorite models.

I have to admit, I wanted the session to end, I was in so much pain, but I didn’t want it to end. I was humiliated when I couldn’t pleasure myself successfully – she rightfully guessed I couldn’t control myself and had climaxed earlier in the day with her website. She laughed at my impotence, and I deserved it. Finally, after a little more punishment for my failures, I felt the most gentle soothing sensations on my whipped and raw bottom. Her aftercare and healing lotion were amazing, and even more amazing was when she invited me to look in the mirror. I was proud at the punishment I’d taken – to which she ramped me up successfully – and I’d never seen anything quite like it. I remembered her all weekend, because it wasn’t easy to sit down.

Thank you Mistress for a wonderful memory, even all these years later. I hope you’re doing splendid.”