I have no clue why I am such a curious person – maybe I was born this way but sometimes I think back about how my curiosity informed my world.  I would hear a noise in the middle of the night and I would investigate to see what it was – always catching someone in a naughty act, using binoculars to peer into other peoples homes, “overhearing” others conversations, googling the most minor characters in a movie or show, and constantly asking people questions about their lives.  I want to know everything or at least as much as I can.  My genuine curiosity in others combined with my active listening skills created an environment that others felt safe to share – eventually being the trusted individual many would divulge their secrets.  I always appreciated and valued that trust.  I guess it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that now I consider myself a “Keeper of secrets.”  And it shouldn’t be a surprise that sometimes I like to use them against you in play!


A few words from sub s:

“I had my first ever professional session more than 10 years ago as a complete novice with Mistress Lucy, and I had an amazing time. Since then I have tried to see her any chance I can (typically once or twice a year), and the session I just had with her was one of the best I’ve ever had with anyone.  It was a wonderful reminder of how amazing Mistress Lucy is at what she does.


One of the things Mistress Lucy does best is making you feel comfortable trusting her. She makes it easy to want to tell her your dirty secrets and have her use them against you in the best of ways. And when it comes to using them against you, she is a master of her craft and her skills are elite. I’ve found that the more I’m able to trust her and put myself in her hands, the better the experience. It was clear to me in my recent session that she genuinely tried to understand me and to get to the core of my fetishes to make sure it was a special experience for me, and she very much succeeded. In a typical pro session with another mistress there may be one or two particular moments that I’ll focus on and try to remember. Following my recent session with Mistress Lucy I’ve been trying to burn every single detail into my memory so I don’t forget a thing. Every moment was a moment to remember.


The other thing I feel compelled to mention is that Mistress Lucy is absolutely gorgeous. I hate to say that her pictures don’t do her justice because her pictures are great and she looks fantastic, but they don’t convey her sensuality and energy and power in person. I found myself lost in thought a few times during our session, marveling that one of the genuinely beautiful women of the world was doing these naughty things to me.  That said, as stunning as she is, it’s everything else that she brings to the table other than her looks that make her so amazing at what she does.


I highly recommend a session with Mistress Lucy. If you’re a complete novice like I was 10 years ago, I can’t think of a better guide as you start your journey than Mistress Lucy. Be honest with her and trust her and put yourself in her very capable hands. And if you’re a seasoned player like I am now, Mistress Lucy just gave me one of the best sessions I’ve ever had. I’m sure she can do the same for you.”

***Note to readers: I like to write in a free flow manner without editing much***