Back in my house days, my much younger years (haha) I use to spin and kick box.  I have always been a petite person but as someone who enjoyed high intensity activities, I was quite strong especially my legs.  Due to this, I saw a lot of the fantasy wrestling type subs back at the house.  I enjoyed squeezing the life out of someone with my scissor holds.  “If you’re gonna go, this is the way to go!” exclaimed many of my subs as they looked up at me from the grip of my thighs.

Nowadays, I don’t really do such scenes due to a very scary incident that happen back at the house.  A client I had played with a few times took a fantasy wrestling scene too far (it was out of line and out of the context of our usual scenes) and almost chocked me out.  I steered away from these type of scenes afterwards.

Recently, a request came in not specifically for fantasy wrestling (but along those lines) as well as for a training with Amalia Valentine.  I felt good about the request and the sub (after our consultation) plus I wanted to show her some “moves”.  I decided to move forward.

It was a BLAST!  When every person involved is respectful and communicative, a good time can be had.  It helped me feel more confident playing with an activity I use to really enjoy.

His words with his consent:

Thank you for taking the time to compose and send me this thoughtful email. It speaks to both your dedication to your craft and your genuine care for your clients.  I have to say that this is one of the first times a Mistress/Domme/Session woman has conveyed that to me in this manner. I truly appreciate it.
Sessioning with you and Mistress Amalia Valentine was a pleasure and a privilege. Being able to be the canvas in which you demonstrated your techniques for a Mistress in her nascent days in the scene was eye opening as well as incredibly arousing.  You both brought something special to the experience for me in your respective roles.  You and Mistress Amalia operated with alacrity, grace and poise (while simultaneously squeezing the life out of me).
I was humbled by your knowledge base and experience; and I was inspired by Mistress Amalia’s thirst for direction from a seasoned professional such as yourself.  I am so happy to have come across your path after years in the scene, and look forward to playing again as well.  Mistress Amalia has an excellent teacher in you, and I believe has boundless potential in her own journey as a Domme. 
***Note to readers: I like to write in a free flow manner without editing much***