My sessions with Mistress Lucy have always been great experiences. My first time will always be memorable because it was all very new to me and she was a great teacher. When I arrived, we discussed some limits/likes/dislikes and experience level. I was honest said I only had done a few sessions with a different Mistress a few years ago and wanted to try again.

She started the session with some light bondage to restrain my arms and chest. Then she pulled out some different spanking/impact toys. After hitting me for a while, she seemed pretty frustrated. I was not making a sound. At the time, I wasn’t sure if it was first time jitters or high pain tolerance. She left the room in a huff, saying she was getting her favorite toy.

She comes back with an electrical box, something I had no experience, and stated we were going to 10. Oh boy! And she wasn’t lying; went to 10, screaming the last 4 digits. Maybe teacher isn’t the best word for Mistress Lucy. Kinda more like the Queen of dark and terrible things that make boys scream and cry. I love it. She did teach me I’m a masochist though.