I recently had the privilege of being able to serve Mistress Lucy SweetKill and Mistress Lily Kasai and wanted to share how amazing they are in case anybody is on the fence about submitting to them.

The dungeon is clean, inviting, and well organized. Of all the play spaces I’ve seen, this one is among the best.

They knew what they wanted from me based on the fact that I followed their instructions on their contact form and provided all the information they required. As a result, the negotiations before our session went very smoothly.

During the session itself, they expertly guided me, used me, and pushed me in all the right ways. I’ll leave the specific details to your imagination, but will say that I had a wonderful afterglow well into the next day.

After the session, they gave me the opportunity for my mind and body to come back down to earth. I was also offered the use of their shower facilities before I left.

Treat these magnificent ladies with the respect they deserve and you won’t regret it.