I am coming up to my 12 year anniversary of being a Pro Domme and one of the things I have learned about myself is that I love to teach new Dommes and train new subs.  The look in their eyes when we try something for the first time is so amazing to witness.  I remember my first scene vividly so I know how impactful those first moments are.

Here is a reflection from a new submissive – k – while also training Mistress Amalia Valentine.

“Where to begin? This being my very first session ever and I was extremely nervous.  I entered the most welcoming and beautifully decorated studio.  The aroma immediately puts one at ease.

Mistress Lucy goes above and beyond, not only does she care about my interests but she takes it a step further and asks why.  That’s when I knew she is going deeper into the psychology of the session and that shows that each person that walks thru her doors is given a personalized experience.  I felt like she genuinely cared and I deeply appreciated that. She has the most expressive face where you feel safe but simultaneously at her mercy.

I entered my first session with expectations that were not only met but exceeded by the end.  I had 4 cherries popped that day and I felt like I was in such good hands. She exuded confidence that came from her years of experience.  Any time she asked if I wanted to try something new, I said yes.  She not only pushed me to my limit but also respected my physical limitations (one I was unaware of but she did because she is very knowledgeable.) I’m so happy I was chosen to have her as my first it was such a positive experience and her after care is so thoughtful and sincere. She cares for her clients before, during and after the session. I couldn’t have asked for a better person. You have not lived until you have been strapped down on her table.

Mistress Amalia was incredible!  I’ve read people talk about her smile but wow! The first time I saw her hypnotizing Harley Quinn-esque smile I immediately gave in. It’s so enticing and intimidating at the same time.  You will fall in love and fear for your life. It was exhilarating.  I was more than happy being her guinea pig. I definitely saw Mistress Lucy’s teachings flow through her while Mistress Amalia added her own special touch.  I will be looking forward to seeing her again in the future.”

***Note to readers: I like to write in a free flow manner without editing much***