I have a kink for ‘begging’.  I loooove to make someone beg and truly become desperate.  Maybe it’s the emotional sadist in me or maybe it’s just the power… either way begging is so much fun in a scene.  Weirdly, I refuse to beg myself and I tend to be defiant if someone tries to make me beg – even a little.  As a kid, I never begged for anything – a toy I wanted or for sweets – I would ask for something and if my mother didn’t say yes, I would let it go.  I would see other kids beg and I would see their parents use it against them – I guess I knew I never wanted anything used against me haha.  I could see the power dynamic when someone really wants something and the other person has it – I always like being the person who has it.

Reflections from sub l with consent:

“Walking up to the door prior to a session with Mistress Lucy, I was fully aware that I was about to be taken on a journey to an unknown destination with the only guarantee being that it would be excessive! Despite being of (mostly) sound mind and a willing participant in this adventure, I should have arrived ready. I was ready in a physical sense, clean as a whistle and wearing lacy black panties that I hoped were slutty enough to meet her approval, but I was not ready mentally. Perceptive as ever and sensing that I was distracted and not entirely present, she immediately set about getting my attention. Kneeling in my panties before her, she immediately initiated an extended period of severe nipple torture. No warm-up, no respite, continuous, relentless. No distractions, nothing to grind against, only the vision of her untouchable immaculate body inches away. Only her soft voice murmuring a barely perceptible mantra describing the abuse and humiliation that I was about to endure and how much I was going to appreciate and beg for it. Once I reached a point where I became desperate and slightly panicked that this might constitute the entire 2 hour session, she seemed satisfied and instructed me to lie on the bench. Immediately my hands were bound at my sides,  my hips were pinned to the bench by a strap and my legs were spread open wide and hauled up into the air. In this vulnerable state, the blindfold went on.

The intensity was low at first, the whispering continued, she was very gentle and the sensations were mostly pleasurable…until they weren’t. The continuous stimulation and the slow introduction of torture while blindfolded  and the constant murmuring convincing me how much I was enjoying this and caused me to lose my kinesthetic sense. It’s difficult to describe, I couldn’t tell where the sensations were coming from, pain became indistinguishable from pleasure. My mind became separated from my body, I wondered if I was hypnotized? The torment continued, she was relentless. I became overwhelmed and asked for a break. She seemed satisfied and granted me a short rest.

The blindfold was mercifully removed and I marveled at the vision of sexiness and power that loomed over me. She went back to work right where she left off with no reduction in intensity. She gave me pleasure, but never quite enough. She gave me pain, slightly more than I could bear. I begged for more, I begged for her to stop. She was relentless, again I became overwhelmed. I finally begged for it to end. She   concurred and gently helped ease me back to the real world. I left with a quiet mind and sense of calm.”

***Note to readers: I like to write in a free flow manner without editing much***