Over the decade that I have known “sub lsd” we have had many creative, devious, hilarious, and sinful role plays.  As I reflected on our most recent time together (see his below) I thought about why I love role plays.  I have never been one to enjoy scripts but if you give me a general scenario, I love putting my twist on it and coming up with a storyline that really makes the scene come to life.  I think my love for role plays came about as a kid, I had a very challenging childhood so I tended to escape the real world by mentally living in my fantasy world.  I would come up with games to play with my cousins or school friends based on these stories I would make up – from X-men type mutants to bank robbers to adventure seekers.  For me, role plays are a great way for adults to enjoy BDSM in a light hearted way (unless its an interrogation RP) as well as get outside of themselves to let go.

Reflections from “sub lsd” with consent:

Nearly twelve years ago, I knelt before Mistress Lucy for the first time, eagerly anticipating a role play scenario where I would take a wrong turn into the women’s gym locker room.  And recently, I found myself seated before this extraordinarily skilled Goddess in the guise of Dr. Lucy Sweetkill, controversial psychotherapist.  When I read that she was planning a visit to a nearby city, I was quick to schedule some time.  In preparation, I provided her with some brief thoughts on a therapy scene from a remake of the classic movie “Nightmare Alley”.  I was drawn to the inherent power exchange between the male patient and female doctor and thought this would be a great role play.

Mistress Lucy set the stage perfectly, appearing in a concealing lab coat, guiding me to the client’s seat, and tossing one gorgeous stocking-sleek leg over the other in a provocative invitation.  Her evenly phrased, probing questions began, coaxing me on.  In no time, she had drilled down to find my dirty little secrets.  One of her most serious cases, I soon found myself restrained to her table for her treatment regimen!

I am in a long-term relationship where I am dominant, and I treasure the opportunities I have to sink into my submissive fantasies. Mistress Lucy has always been flame to my fluttering moth, ordeal priestess to my searching soul.   Along with her advanced command of the classic BDSM techniques and tools, Mistress Lucy possesses a wonderfully perverse imagination, quick wit, and rare passion for her craft.  She  elevates BDSM to an art form!  Her understanding of submissive desires combined with her respect for consent make it easy to relax, surrendering to her guiding will.  She is one of the most kink-positive persons I have met in my BDSM journey. When I have requested a role play, fetish-centered session, or corporal impact scene, Mistress Lucy always seems to know when and how much to push me into a most delicious sub space.  And it often, as it did this time, feels like the first time!  I can surely say that her methods cured me, but I certainly can’t wait for the relapse!


***Note to readers: I like to write in a free flow manner without editing much***