When someone fills out my submission form and their interests reads like this (some items taken out for privacy) – I know I am going to enjoy myself.  How could I not be enticed by such a list…for a kinky power loving sadistic Domme like me, this list is like all my favorite dishes at my dream Thanksgiving meal.  I get excited.  I salivate a little. And I wonder how am I going to make room for all the things I want to eat…or in this case do.  
being corrected/admonished
domestic discipline
bondage (cuffs, rope, mummification)
pointed questions
being challenged/caught off guard
behavior modifications
impact play (hands, otk, paddles, whips, flogging, crops, canes, galore!)
discipline training/obedience
pain & enduring

We hadn’t played before but sub k (temporarily her name 😉) had respectfully made her introduction.  In my experience, I have notice over the years that women (or those who identify as women) tend to go about their interactions with me much more respectfully and generously.  They take the time to read my website in full and always bring a gift as a “Thank you.”  I appreciate that they value this experience we Dommes offer and the uniqueness as well as rarity of it.  You men should really do better (maybe I’ll write about that).

Our time together was special to me.  Our similar backgrounds made the experience quite healing for some reason (I am still processing). 

During the start, she said she enjoyed being “overwhelmed” and I don’t think she realized what the word meant to me.  I think she does now.

Reflections from sub k (with consent):

I love gift giving. Quite frankly, it makes my nipples hard to give someone a perfectly curated gift that attests to the quality of emotion I am intending to offer rather than prioritizing the quantity of money I spent. I walked into our first session proud of my intentional attention to small detail and was notably disarmed when her greeting made my shoulders relax. 26k followers on Twitter and she is so friendly?! Like what?! Haha, silly.
I am awkward with praise. When Mistress Lucy not only looked but saw what I added….christ! I don’t know how to say this to give it enough justice but the tone of her voice exposed me in a very beautiful way. Clearly, Mistress had a list of my kinks & limits but what I didn’t write was that I care less about the events that occur and more about the flow of power exchange in itself. She captured that in two words & if she blinked an eye during it – you could have fooled me! I’ll end this reflection with the return of those two words, thank you.
Note to readers: I like to write in a free flow manner without editing much