I finally gathered the courage to set up a session. I was very nervous to say the least.
Mistress Lucy enters….wow, she looks amazing in her pics, but about 100 times better in person….we talked for a bit…she is super nice and easy to talk to. We talked about my interests and our session began. I was on my knees and suffering, lol. She made fun of my nakedness, my small manhood, tortured my poor nipples and my balls…ouch! She push my pain limits and tested my will…at the end of the session, we had a wonderful conversation about the session and my interests. We even talked about one of my favorite music bands.

The funniest part was when I was leaving, she put her arounds my shoulders, whispered into my ear “Next time, I want to dress you up like a girl” lol. I am not into cross dressing or fem, but after she made that comment, I am interested in taking part in such a humiliating experience, lol.

It was a great experience! Mistress Lucy is very intelligent, easy to talk to, and well versed in the arts of… humiliation!