It was her beauty that captivated me, but I had no idea of the journey she was going to take me on. I had planned my BDSM experience as some playful kink time. “I am not a pain slut” I wrote in my limits.

Each visit with Mistress Lucy is an adventure. She includes my requests but with a devious and playful style that keeps me on edge and takes me a step further each time.

Miss Lucy has a way of pushing limits. She doesn’t force, she encourages or rather entices me to go on. Her confidence and calmness is soothing as she walks me through each stage. “You can do this for me”, “ This is going to happen, so you might as well accept it now” “You know you want this”, her words draw me in, making me want desperately to please her.

Look deeply into her eyes, she will take you there, wherever “there” happens to be.