It has been said over and over, but I must say it again:

Mistress Lucy is gorgeous!

I was a little nervous as Mistress Lucy entered the room, but that quickly faded as I began to focus on her exquisite presence. We had a brief pre-session chat. After that, I was bound standing up. Mistress Lucy perched herself in such a way that she could begin teasing me with her feet and legs. I was in heaven! After about 20 minutes, she untied me and told me to lie down- face up. Within seconds, my wrists and ankles were fastened. She straddled me with her beautiful back facing me. I was completely at her mercy. The feeling of helplessness was quite overwhelming.

The next 90 minutes can only be described as a roller coaster of pleasure and pain. I was totally drained. I lay there broken.
After a short rest, we had a really nice post-session chat. I truly enjoyed meeting Mistress Lucy. The hug she gave me as I departed was warm and endearing. From the moment I left her, I began planning my next visit.