On a two-week trip to North America in May, I was able to make a flying visit to New York City and, although there are plenty of reasons to visit New York, Mistress Lucy is high on the list. I had hoped to schedule a couple of sessions but time was tight and in the end I managed one two-hour session with her.

I’ve enjoyed sessions with several Mistresses over the years, and all of them have been amazing, but there is something very, very special about Miss Lucy. Her photographs, gorgeous as they are, don’t do her justice. She’s an astonishingly beautiful woman with tremendous elegance, poise and intelligence. She was wearing high heels, sheer black pantyhose, a tiny little black dress and a devastatingly sexy smile. I had requested a tickling and teasing session and Miss Lucy enthusiastically embraced her role as tickle domme and cock-tease extraordinaire. Long before the end of the session she had me desperately squealing and babbling, intoxicated by her presence, unable to bear the intensity yet longing and pleading to be her slave forever.

Miss Lucy was an utterly ruthless tickler, but the psychological aspect of the session was every bit as intense. She playfully taunted me with my helplessness and my desire for her, teasing me with her beautiful body and wicked, sensual smile as she reduced me to a state of sissified, sluttish slavery.

Mistress Lucy is a goddess. Every moment in her presence is intoxicating and thrilling. I would say a session with her is a once in a lifetime experience, but that would be an awful shame. I’m already working out how and when I can get back to the other side of the world to worship my goddess again.