When Mistress Lucy came into the room, I found myself staring at one of the most stare-able women I have ever met. The pictures are all accurate, but don’t capture her sheer presence. She didn’t need that foot long strap-on to be intimidating, but it did make a point.

Mistress Lucy is outstanding at negotiating a scene. I babbled for a bit, and she got exactly what I meant even when it wasn’t all that clear to me. A few minutes later, with me bound helplessly to the metal cage, Mistress Lucy asked “Did you wear a belt today?” I said “Yes” while wondering where this was going. “Is it leather?” I said “Yes” and gulped silently, suddenly knowing where this was going. Mistress Lucy gleefully belted my ass until I had yelped long and loud enough, and she had laughed enough. She has such a sexy laugh.

There did come a moment in the (3rd or 4th, I lost track) belting where I stopped struggling against what was happening and totally accepted that Mistress Lucy was going to do what she wanted, and I was just going to take it. It was a new and very satisfying kind submission for me. Mistress Lucy seemed to sense it, and paused briefly to let me take it in. Then she delivered the hardest strokes of all, and was amused at how I reacted.