As a life long submissive, I’ve always sought to test myself, to explore deeper, to serve honorably, to give my absolute best. Mistress Lucy somehow, someway already knew this. Mistress Lucy could see into my soul and knew where to take me and how far. How did she know so much about my deepest desires and secrets. SHE KNEW, SHE KNEW!!

The session was more than I could have imagined. You took me to places and placed me in predicaments I have never before experienced. I am always trying to learn grow and test myself – you provided this on numerous levels.
The vision of you standing above me electric control in hand it a vision etched in my soul.

Mistress Lucy is professional, poised, smart as a whip!! You gave me a lesson I carry with me in my every day Life. “Pain is temporary” This lesson can be applied in so many ways. Extraordinary professional beautiful a Mistress who can teach you life’s lessons and see into ones soul.