I had the ultimate pleasure to have a session last night with Mistress Lucy Sweetkill. This was my first with a pro Dom in over 10 years. The play space is inviting, intimate and immaculately kept.
Mistress Lucy was very inviting and made me feel relaxed immediately. I was not looking for any particular session, I like to allow the Dom to have complete control and discretion.
After a discussion to find out my fears and limitations, Mistress Lucy put me in a body bag. I became completely immobile and hooked up to electric current, to administer pain for her pleasure. All I wanted was too accept anything Mistress Lucy wanted.

This was a 2 hour session which ended way too soon. I am still in the aftermath glow of her powerful energy. Very much looking forward to visiting with Mistress Lucy again. She is more than I could have wished or hoped for in a first visit. Thank You Mistress Lucy Sweetkill You kept my dreams alive.