About thirty minutes before I was scheduled to arrive at Mistress Lucy’s Studio on Saturday, Mistress texted that I should pick up hot green tea. It hit me right then, and with only one prior session, that this is my calling to serve Mistress Lucy in any way that pleases Her.

Now after two remarkable and unparalleled sessions, I am completely entranced, enthralled and happily addicted to Mistress Lucy. My feelings of devotion after this short time is very evident. Lucy Sweetkill is actually the perfect name for Mistress. Clearly there is a sweet, soft spoken way about Her. Never raises her voice. Mistress really does not have to. I became so taken by Her right from the beginning and my feelings of submission, surrender and devotion have grown dramatically after our second session recently.

Mistress Lucy is absolutely gorgeous and remarkably skilled! The pain aspect of the BDSM scene is really not my thing. However, with that being said, I find myself wanting to expand my limits and experience more in that arena. Mistress knows just how far to take you. The bonding and connection that I’ve experienced now in just a short time is truly amazing. Mistress Lucy appears to be life altering for me.