I found our session absolutely amazing. I wish we could have repeated it a few times. I’ve played this storyline 5 times now with various Mistresses but this was the best of them. I felt Mistress Lucy judged perfectly the right level to prompt and tease information from me, so that it felt natural (ie. that I had some agency as to *when* the information was provided, but none as to *whether* it was provided – perfect for the feeling in that strange overlap between ‘forced’ and ‘volunteered’ that can be so thrilling).

I don’t know how many other slaves use real-life fantasies about real-life people, but the images of my colleagues AR and JL out of the usual context of my secret fantasies, transported to the realm of a play-space, and exposed to new eyes, is really powerful. Do others play on it, or anything similar, I wonder?

I felt Mistress Lucy got the medical play exactly right for the scene – I was in exactly the right place, feeling compliant and comfortable and getting a buzz from confessing. Calling the “medicine” truth serums worked very well indeed.

In other versions of this scene, I have always anticipated and loved the fake conference call with the boss and the two girls, where they are told about my crimes and punishment and give their consent to it – up until now I considered it the highlight, but Mistress Lucy took the scene elsewhere and didn’t do it, and to be honest things were so good, I didn’t miss it. I’d love to do it again when next in NYC. I’m hoping in a year’s time Mistress Lucy will have forgotten about the stolen shoes and I can confess it all again!