With trepidation I waited in in the room. MLucy entered and she looked absolutely stunning, wearing black lingerie including stockings and a corset. My first impression was that her gallery photos don’t do her justice, she appears younger, very cute and with a cheeky smile that appears often.

In the interests of self-preservation, I asked her about her expectations of a sub and importantly what behaviors were forbidden and what behaviors made a session more rewarding for her? She expressed her preference and increased satisfaction from coercing subs to accept and actually demand punishments or cajoling them to willingly degrade themselves over tying them down and forcing them. (Although she did acknowledge, with a laugh, that forcing could be rewarding as well!). Some pleasure and rewards were definitely available however they were all subject to negotiation and came at a hefty price (and in case there is misunderstanding, I don’t mean to imply a monetary price).

What did I learn?.

I learned that the process can be more important than the act. Being persuaded to ask a Mistress to inflict punishments on oneself or, better still, to inflict them on yourself can be a more submissive act than being purely dominated by force. It can be more intense for the sub and apparently more rewarding for Lucy.