Mistress Lucy is definitely a professional in every sense of the word. Having had a less than enjoyable 1st experience with another mistress a few years ago, I was left feeling underwhelmed and almost did not want to try it again. Boy, am glad I did. My session with Mistress Lucy was like a hit of an addicting drug. I had hoped that once my curiosities had been satisfied, I would no longer want to pursue them, but I was wrong, and it left me wanting more that I had originally wanted.

I had an array of kinks that I really wanted to explore and experience, and Mistress Lucy did an excellent job at finding a way to create scenes where multiple kinks could be incorporated. During our 3 hour session, I found myself bound helpless in different ways, and at the mercy of a beautiful mistress. It was obvious that nothing was scripted/routine, and that Mistress Lucy truly enjoys what she does. My 1st experience with another mistress in another state left me feeling like, although I had kinks I wanted to explore, it was going to be a 50/50 chance of you being able to explore them, depending on the mood of the mistress. Mistress Lucy proved that to be wrong, as she took enjoyment in creating scenes to explore different kinks, and adding in extra aspects that she enjoys too. I am not a masochist by any means, and she was able to create a session that did not involve intense whipping or anything like that.