I had my first session with Mistress Lucy last week and it was more than I expected. She is stunning with her looks but her cold eyes told me that she had devious plans for me. I was nervous even though I enjoy pain. She talked very sultry as she was tying me up, next thing I realized was that I was completely bound and unable to move and at her will.

She proceeded to torture me, but I would not yield. The tormenting continued- it took all of my will power not to use my safe word (I would not give her the satisfaction). She just laughed and continued increasing the level of pain. Finally I could not take it anymore and yielded-using my safe word, much to my disappointment but to her pleasure. She let out a big laugh. We next played some games. Yeah right- games for her, pain for me. I left beaten and bruised and with a crushed ego.

It was great. Looking forward to my next encounter with her. I am determined not to yield next time.