I recently had my first in-person session with Mistress Lucy Sweetkill. Entering her space gave me a feeling of peace and happiness. It is the space of a wonderfully beautiful (she really does look like that!) and strong and kind and trustworthy woman. Part of our session, perhaps my favorite part, was simply me having the privilege of rubbing her feet while we chatted and got to know each other and I got to hear her insightful thoughts and opinions about a variety of matters. Do not misunderstand, Mistress Lucy is an extremely dominant woman, and her dominance and her superior status were major themes throughout our time together. Instant obedience, deep humility, and a proper learning of protocols are not optional. The wise submissive will take heed; you are not her equal, and you had best not act like you think you are. The part of the session that was dedicated to play was a tremendous thrill. Tremendous! But that dominance and that thrill exist against a backdrop of integrity and human compassion.

Thank you Mistress Lucy!